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I'm quite tired, since it is 5:00 am. But what can I say... Giant Bomb is addicting. I wrote a short, well semi short review on Doom 3, and I'd like to get some feedback.

I know it's not great, but I'm tired and I think we all know what Doom 3 is, and isn't. Anways, here's the review.

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I liked it Jax, nice intro and to the point, not over prententious for a quick review. Nice work.

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Check out my profile for my reviews. As for yours couldn't agree more. The level design was awful. I still remeber I was trapped by two demons in RoE.

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No offense, but why make a post on it? Isn't this kind of personal news better suited for a blog? (yes, I know I'm talking to a moderator, but I'm not trying to be mean or anything)

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It's short. Short to the point of confusion. I don't really understand what the game is about because of the review, gameplay-wise. It was concise, sure, but sometime conciseness (lets go with "concision" instead because it sounds violent) has to be sacrificed for clarity.

Then again, it's 5 AM for you. Wait...where the hell do you live?