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Jeff mentioned on the Bombcast that the Elder Scrolls Online doesn't seem like his ideal version of a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game. I then spent some time thinking about how it could be better, and I have some ideas about how a hypothetical always-online Elder Scrolls game could be great.

Elder Scrolls VI takes place in the Summerset Isles. Instead of being the sole chosen one of some contrived plot element, you are instead a normal person who decides to take on the challenge of an enormous bounty that the Aldmeri Dominion has against some major Imperial general, or something like that. The path to undertaking the bounty is perilous and full of danger, and you aren't the only one undertaking this challenge. Others (player characters) want that bounty too. Player characters of similar level nearby you will randomly show up in the overworld as your journey continues. You, or the other player, can choose to interact in many different ways including killing each other like bandits, trading items, or even exchanging contact info if you decide that cooperation is best. For those who wish to remain offline, AI will serve this purpose. At some point in the story, the plot will thicken, and there will be threats more important than prize money to be concerned with, and the final boss fight of the story quests will be a massive effort by several dozen players (or randomly generated AI if there aren't enough humans around). Player Characters could also interact within the guilds of the Elder Scrolls universe as well as barter within the towns.

What do you guys think? If a new Elder Scrolls game is in the pipeline, it would be fantastic to have some kind of interesting multiplayer hook in it that the next generation of video games looks to promise. Having another single player Elder Scrolls set in another location doesn't sound so amazing anymore.

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If you let random people in your Elder Scrolls game, every non-essential NPC will be dead in seconds.

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I think it's time to stop letting Bethesda manage Elder Scrolls on their own and allow another developer to create the combat system.

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The only way for multiplayer Elder Scrolls to work is to have private servers and lots of settings. That way you could play with only people you know. Otherwise it would just be full of hackers and people abusing game systems to mess with game.

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Aside from the rampant griefing that would obviously occur, i think it sounds pretty neat, i'd play that.

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Why don't they just add a horde mode?