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Hey, everyone! Josiah Renaudin back again with another podcast featuring a Giant Bomb community staple. I recently interviewed FOO VR's Will Smith about the current state of virtual reality, the best games available, and what we can expect in the next few years. I also talked about how great the Giant Bomb/Tested community has been to him over the years, and how that really helped his recent Kickstarter thrive.

I really, really appreciate everyone's support on the Adam Boyes and Alex Navarro episodes in the past. If you guys like these, I'll keep posting the ones that relate to Giant Bomb! Hope everyone had a great New Year, and look forward to your thoughts on the show.

PODCAST: https://soundcloud.com/the1099/episode-73-will-smith-on-the-present-and-future-of-virtual-reality

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Don't believe his lies!!!

I hope that December episode arrives, there's also a scheduled release of the first Kickstarter episode this month.

Looking forward to seeing where The Foo Show goes from here.

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@wynnduffy: Will talks quite a bit about the future Foo schedule!