Mysterious 90's McDonald's Edutainment Console?

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Watching Jeff play some Philips CD-i games recently reminded me of an experience I had as a kid back in the 90's at a McDonald's. In the playground area they had these touchscreen / trackball controlled TV consoles setup where you could navigate through menus and watch educational videos on different subjects. I only remember watching something about the history of the Christmas tree. Don't know if this counts as an actual video game / console exactly. I can't remember if they actually played any games, but they seemed more like simple DVD players, but I'm sure this was before that tech became popular or maybe even invented. So maybe it was CD-ROM based and used something like a CD-i or 3DO?

However, I can't find any information on this anywhere on the internet, or even know what I should search for exactly. Most searches I've done naturally return just McDonald's home console games. Has anyone else seen one of these and know where I can learn more about them? Not sure how widespread they were.

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Oh my God, I remember those! Haven't thought about that in years. There was one McDonald's near me that had them. Looking back, It seemed like it ran on something similar to CD-i hardware but I really don't know.

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I remember the kiosk, but not what I did on them. I do remember using them every time I was at a McDonald’s with one.