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#1 Posted by Seppli (11232 posts) -

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Level 5's final PS2 epos is my pick - Rogue Galaxy. I'm not much of a retrogamer. Life's too short to look back, so that's pretty much the horizon of what I'm willing to go back to. I've held off buying it, in order to pick it up on the cheap somewhat after release. It never got cheaper, and then the PS2 generation kinda slipped my mind completely. I do regret it bitterly.

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The game has that classic Level 5 cell-shading sheen, but with a slightly less child-friendly art design. I think it totally holds up in that way, and it's suppossed to be huge and quite complex. The realtimey combat system looks like good fun too. I'd love to play it. I don't know how to go about it though. Should I get into PS2 emulation? Is that something I'm okay with? Do I hope for a PSN re-release?

Anyways - name a game you've never played, yet STILL want to play - that released as far back in the past as possible...

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#3 Posted by JasonR86 (10180 posts) -

I've never played Pong and I think it would be cool to play a game or two.

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#4 Posted by SgtSphynx (2509 posts) -

Either Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango, whichever is older. Other than those two, I can't really think of any that I haven't played that I still want to.

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#5 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Digital Devil Monogatari? I dunno.

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#6 Posted by mikey87144 (2110 posts) -

The original Legend of Zelda.

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#7 Posted by solidlife (910 posts) -

I started to play WOW when the second expansion came out but I wish I started to play it when it launched, it seemed from what people told me amazing and what i wanted from a MMO. 12 HOURS OF AV!

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#8 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Day of the Tentacle.

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#9 Posted by ShaggE (8621 posts) -

I've always wanted to play the Bemani arcade games that inspired Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

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#10 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -
@mikey87144 said:

The original Legend of Zelda.

This. I've never played any Zelda game, actually.
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#11 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3413 posts) -

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. I had the former but didn't get to play much of it.

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#12 Posted by RobotHamster (4272 posts) -

Still need to finish Ocarina of Time and God Hand comes to mind.

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#13 Posted by FifiChiaPet (48 posts) -

Eternal Darkness is the oldest one currently coming to mind. I did get a hold of a copy a couple months ago, so there's actually a chance it will happen.

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#14 Posted by KaptainA (11 posts) -

Eternal Darkness, played, and watched, did not finish. I still have Dark Souls that I have not opened yet. The one I feel mostly guilty for is The Lost Vikings on the SNES. Me and my brothers got to the final level.... Then they both moved away and I promised them I would not finish it without them. Now I kinda regret that.

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#15 Posted by Raven10 (2214 posts) -

I think Super Metroid would be my answer. Heard so many great things about it over the years but never owned a Super Nintendo. So I guess that said, I have quite a few SNES games to choose from. When I get a Wii (I know I'm a bit behind) I plan on getting both the Kirby and Mario Collections that came out on it, and then getting Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, the Donkey Kong Country games, and a bunch of others not made by Nintendo. I might start a thread asking what games to get when I get one, hopefully later this year.

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#16 Posted by McGrittles (96 posts) -


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#17 Posted by pyromagnestir (4489 posts) -

Tie Fighter is the oldest game on my Shit I want to play list.

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#18 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Wow Rogue Galaxy is definitely up there as well but also God Hand.

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#19 Posted by nintendoeats (6222 posts) -

Colossal Caves.

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#20 Posted by Meepasaurus (263 posts) -

I need to finish Link's Awakening. I have no idea how I didn't go blind playing handhelds without a backlight.

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#21 Posted by JJOR64 (19692 posts) -

I always wanted to try the Mario Kart and FZero arcade games.

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#22 Posted by Brother_PipPop (284 posts) -

Earthbound, maybe? Chrono Cross?

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#23 Posted by chyler1397 (489 posts) -

Alien 8 for the Speccy

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#24 Posted by zerostasis (17 posts) -

Mother and Super Metroid. And Ar Tonelico II and III, thoug this games are not as old they really are.

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#26 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Final Fantasy 6 and to a lesser extent Xenogears.

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#27 Edited by Hichael (201 posts) -

My list doesn't go back as far. Halo 2,3, and 4, Uncharted 2 and 3, SSX, XCOM, Katamari Forever. I ain't got that money, son.

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#28 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2548 posts) -
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#29 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

System Shock 2

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#30 Edited by TheMathlete (345 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the main ones I can think of. I was going to get it a couple years ago at EB games when it was $40 or something but decided against it.

I might finally play it now, though. Found a copy at Wal-Mart for $20 so I picked it up. I don't know when I'll get to it - maybe after Christmas.

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#31 Posted by BaneFireLord (3329 posts) -

The PS2 Kingdom Hearts games. I love the premise but I started gaming during this console generation and have been unable to justify buying a PS2 just to play two games.

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#32 Posted by panvixyl (337 posts) -

Terrible nerd confession: I have never played a single LucasArts adventure game.

Someday, Grim Fandango. Someday.


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#33 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

Braid comes to mind, I've never played that game and I feel bad for not playing it, especially since I've played Super Meat Boy and Fez. Of course there are tons of games older than this, but most of those are when I was young and not actively seeking out new video games.

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#34 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

I desperately want to play Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango.

Also, System Shock 2 would be very nice.

Reading people's responses, I found this in the first five.

@SgtSphynx said:

Either Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango, whichever is older. Other than those two, I can't really think of any that I haven't played that I still want to.

We are on the level, it seems.

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#35 Posted by bkbroiler (1735 posts) -

@panvixyl said:

Terrible nerd confession: I have never played a single LucasArts adventure game.

Someday, Grim Fandango. Someday.


You'll probably never be able to unless they rerelease it. I want to REPLAY Grim Fandango for the 100th time but it just runs like shit.

My answer to the topic would be Planescape Torment. I've started it about 3 times but never gotten more than an hour into it (I've really done nothing in it). I desperately want to finish it but I just don't think I have it in me. I really want to read all that text and do all those sidequests and dig into all those RPG elements but I just don't think I have the patience/mindset/mental ability. Maybe one day.

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#36 Posted by A_Talking_Donkey (264 posts) -

J.B. Harold Murder Club - because I love mysteries and the game was fairly controversial for its time.

Ethnic Cleansing - I don't support nazi ideas so I refuse to pay for it. I want to experience it to actually see how alienating it really is.

RapeLay - similar reasons. The fact that this game even exists bothers me a bit, but without actually experiencing it it's hard to say what sort of enjoyment people get from it.

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#37 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

One of those Metal Tools are Solid everyone keeps talking about

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#38 Posted by Warfare (1683 posts) -

Deus Ex.

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#39 Posted by musclerider (832 posts) -

I want to play through Chrono Cross.

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#40 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2049 posts) -

If I hadn't already played them, Wizardry and Akalabeth would be there. Looking through some folders, the oldest game that I own that I want to play is Phantasie from '85. I played a bunch of these games emulated from my dad's copies years ago, but never this one for some reason. Probably because of the double misspelling, though and the battle screen is really archaic despite other games getting it right for years before it.

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#41 Posted by billyhoush (1270 posts) -

Majora's Mask.

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#42 Posted by TheRealMoot (634 posts) -

The Legend of Zelda and Mario 64. Shame on me, been playing games since the NES first rolled out and I missed both of those iconic titles!

Though I never had a 64 when it first came out, got one a few years back for giggles. Worth it.

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#43 Posted by Cronus42 (373 posts) -

A bit of a different one for me: Starship Titanic. I remember seeing my dad play this when I was a kid and LOVED it. I have a copy but cant get it to work with modern systems. Still apparently one of the hardest puzzley adventure games there is because of the conversation system.

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#44 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -

The entire Metal Gear series.

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#45 Posted by Oddy4000 (113 posts) -

Panzer Dragoon Saga, one of the few Saturn greats I didn't get around to.

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#46 Posted by coaxmetal (1829 posts) -

Grim Fandango i think

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#47 Posted by Soapy86 (2741 posts) -

The oldest game that I can think of that I wanted to play, didn't, but still want to play is probably Metroid or Castlevania.

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#48 Posted by dvaeg (252 posts) -


Unrelated to this, I tried it on emulation direct from my own copy this weekend . It ran well without any tweaking but the weapons had black boxes surrounding them which was incredibly distracting.

For my answer, there is a copy of Burning Rangers for the SEGA Saturn in my garage that I eyeball regularly. On my laptop there's and installed copy of Planescape: Torment I have yet to boot.

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#49 Posted by Orbitz89 (230 posts) -

Custer's Revenge for the Atari 2600..

Nah, But I would like to play Resident Evil for the Sega Saturn. I found a copy of that and a Saturn at a retro games shop but they wanted 200 bucks for both.. I couldn't justify paying that much for a Saturn and one game. Sega Saturn's are hard as shit to find in my town.. that's why they're so expensive, and I've never bothered looking online for one.

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#50 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3134 posts) -

Warriors for ps2, I heard it was the bomb back then but never picked it up.