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#1  Edited By Vaxadrin

Every time you edit your profile, it resets your name color to Neutral.  I was initially considering posting about this in the Bug Reporting forum, but I am not, for the following reason:

I believe this is not a bug, but a feature instituted by the site creators to make us reflect on our affinities and the nature of them.  Any time I go to add something to my bio, change profile information, or fix a spelling error, the website manually makes me go back and choose to align myself with a corporation again.

Every time I let my name remain grey longer & longer, before deciding to switch it back to green.  With each profile edit, I am forced to once again go through the thoughts of "Is Microsoft really that great?  Am I choosing green because I only own a 360 out of the current gen consoles?  Is it just a color that I like?  Do I really want to wear such a trivial preference on my sleeve and subject myself to countless fanboy snap judgments immediately?"

Each time I let my name remain grey for a longer period of time before deciding it just looks better green, for whatever reason.  I feel that one day, after enough consideration after countless profile edits, I will eventually decide to just leave it Neutral, and be content with that.  On that day, the staff's plans, in this regard, will be fully realized.