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Alright folks, I have just finished Sleeping Dogs which I loved and I need some help finding my next game that will scratch my current itch. The combat and setting for Sleeping Dogs were what I liked the most, so either another kung-fu-ish game (Jade Empire-ish) or something with fast, combo based combat would suffice. Prior to SD, I completed Arkham City which also met my needs. Am I missing any other kung-fu/brawling/third person/urban traversal PC games of note? This year I finished Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (which I would put in this weird genre I'm creating) along with AC: Brotherhood and Revelations and PoP: Forgotten Sands. If I own it already, then bonus but I'm not above buying something new.

Browsing through my Steam library, I already own the following games that might fit the bill:

  • Witcher 2
  • Condemned
  • Viking
  • Dark Souls
  • Warhammer: Space Marine
  • Binary Domain
  • Syndicate
  • Alpha Protocol
  • Bulletstorm
  • Bully
  • Fable 3
  • A bunch of Gothic games
  • Just Cause 2
  • A bunch of Red faction games

...and a shitton of other stuff. I'm not seeing any more Chinese games (a la SD or Jade Empire) and not much with fisticuffs either (a la Arkham City), so I need some recommendations. I have a controller, natch, and I prefer something with some story beats (if possible), traversal (bonus!) and of course sex, violence and/or wanton profanity is a plus.

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The Witcher 2, Dark Souls, and Bulletstorm all have interesting combat systems but I don't know if any of them really compare to the punchy-kicky style you're looking for.

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As much as I want to recommend Dark Souls it doesn't really fit what you have described. It's a much more slow paced, wait-for-the-moment type of game, doesn't really have story beats, profanity, sex, but does have a lot of on-foot traveling.

Warhammer: Space Marine or Fable 3 are probably the closest to the gameplay style you described so I guess those?

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Most of the games you listed are shooters and it seems like you want a 3rd person action game with an emphasis on melee combat. The only game that comes to mind is AC3.

However, if you want a good action adventure game I would recommend Max Payne 3. Its primarily focused on gunplay but the bullet time feature is fun to use and the shooting/movement is tight and responsive. I loved Sleeping Dogs as well and MP3 replicates that same sense I had playing the "fight club" side missions. You're in a large container and doing crowd control with weapons running around, dodging, and taking down enemies. If you haven't played Mass Effect maybe this as well. However, this is strictly a narrative driven game, there's no exploring, just point A to B.

The only other game I can think of with a lot of melee is Dead Island. There's a ton of crafting and clubbing zombies to death. Take a look at Brad's QL and you can see if its for you.

I imagine all these games will be crazy cheap over the holidays.

edit: Bulletstorm also has boot kicking melee move and a lot of interesting environmental kills but I could NOT get into this game. The tone was too moronic for me.

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I would say give the Riddick games a shot. Not really martial arts based, but it has some pretty rad first person melee combat. Dunno if you're looking for that sort of thing.

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Hotline Miami.

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I'm assuming that since you played Arkham City that you already played Arkham Asylum. Otherwise go get AA now.

Viking is actually a really good action adventure game, but the action is more hack and slash then tactical like SD and AC. The Dark Souls combat is very tactical but it's significantly slower.

Bulletstorm is really awesome and is more tactical then most shooters as you are rewarded for killing enemies in a lot of different ways. I do recommend it, but it's still a shooter so don't go in expecting much melee combat or anything.

In Alpha Protocol the combat is the weakest part of the game. I think the game does some really interesting things with player choice and story, but yeah, don't go in expecting an amazing combat experience.

A game you didn't mention that is worth checking out is Dishonored. While you can go through the game stealthily, it actually has a pretty fun combat system with a good variety of options. I think it is actually a decent fit in terms of combat style but it's in a first person perspective which is different.

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@Ravenlight: Stabby stabby works -- Amalur had something of a twitch/combo based style.

I have played AA and I agree is was great. Dishonored is on my eventual list but it's pricey still so I'll wait.

I have played the Riddick game and loved it.

Thanks for the MP3 recommend. Hearing it from someone who enjoyed Sleeping Dogs helps.

Thank you -- I might actually still go with Dark Souls for mood and traversal (travelling).

On a side note: I bought and played Zodiac Tournament for SD between the time I posted the original and this followup. Loved it, but total game time was about 45 minutes :-(

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MP3 has a lot in common with SDs in that its an urban set action game. Max Payne like Wei Shen is an American who goes overseas and gets in over his head, the typical white knight vigilante who brawls/shoots his way through to solve problems. My favorite part of SD was the story and characters and MP serves up something on par. Instead of getting mixed up in the Hong Kong triads its Brazil and a Latin American para-military group. Instead of dirty cops, its dirty government officials. MP3 is unlike the other games in the series if thats' what you're expecting, but sounds like the game your describing.

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There's always Wolfenstein. And,, it's FREE!


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Well...I took two weeks off work for the holidays and lo and behold the wife gave me free reign of the PS3. So instead I ended up doing Infamous 2.

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The FEAR games have melee.

I can only speak to the quality of the first one, and it's fucking AWESOME. Run around shooting, jump kicking, slide kicking, and kick kicking. Good times.