Need advice on picking new gaming chair :)

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So, I currently need to buy a new gaming chair. I need to pick a good chair for max. 400$, for someone small (157 cm) preferably from DxRacer, but any other brand is also good as long as the chair will be comfortable and durable (I don't want it to be destroyed in just 2 years ) :D

And of course, I'm located in Europe, so it needs to be available here

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Just curious, but why do you want a gaming chair and not an office chair? What do gaming chairs do better?

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@divinekataroshie: Jeff Bakalar recommends the Secret Lab chairs, but they have a long waiting list. Their Throne chair would be for a smaller person.

I also know that noblechairs chairs have won a lot of awards, but don't really know a lot about them besides that.

@north6:I guess they're cheaper usually. Good, ergonomic office chairs cost way more than 400$.

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@north6: Well, to be honest, there are a couple of reasons. First, the always seem to be made of softer fabric, so they feel more comfortable. They are made for sitting for long periods of hours, much longer than office chairs. And usually, the design looks way nicer and they tend to be more durable? Or at least that was my conception :) but I might be wrong.

@retris Thank you for the recommendations!

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I've owned a Secret Lab Titan for about a year. If there's a waiting list to get one, I could see why. It's the best chair I've ever owned. I've had a cheap Staples office chair and a DX Racer chair in the past. Besides the comfort I like that the Secret Lab chairs aren't garishly styled like a lot of gamer chairs are.

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I want an ergonomic chair, but they all look so ugly to me.

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I would suggest Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back

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I use OPSeat have for about a year now and no complaints. They pretty frequently have sales too up to 15% off.

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Buy yourself a stool

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Got a 2020 Omega from Secret Lab and I love it. Beats my old shitty office chair. Waiting time for ore order was only 5 days.

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@north6: "good" office chairs, actual brand name reputable ones that people recommend are usually closer to $1000. The usual recommendation is "just buy a pre-owned HM" which depending on your location isn't easy to find. There's one place where I live that deals in them and pre-owned are still around $650.

@divinekataroshie I also recommend Secret Labs. I've an Omega, my fiance has a Throne and she'd be closer to the height you mention. Since buying mine I've told several friends about it and a few of them have also bought one and been just as happy with their purchase.

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Now I'm looking at a secretlab titan.

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So real talk, if you're wanting a gaming chair and also happen to be going to something like a video game convention that they show these things off, chances are extremely high that if you approach the gaming chair exhibitors before the convention closes, you can snap up one of their display chairs for a cheaper than MSRP sum. This is mostly because packing these things up are a giant pain in the ass and the cost to ship them away is simply not worth the hassle.

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I bought a Secretlab Titan. Softweave, not the PU Leather. It's the most comfortable chair I've ever owned and the price isn't insane for a nice office/gaming chair.

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Get an actual ergonomic office chair. Gaming chairs are mostly going to be bad for your back. You can get some good ones from office furniture suppliers for less than $400. It won’t be one of the big brand names but there are good ones from lesser known brands that office furniture suppliers will have that won’t wreck your back.

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Dont spend that much cash. I got a perfectly good leather office/gaming chair for 100 euro on amazon