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Well, I came here to get help with a survey a while back and the amazing Giant Bomb community provided tremendously. I am now in my final year and writing my dissertation, and so I ask you all for your help again.

I've chosen gaming as the subject area, of course, which is why I'm here. Due to a ridiculous amount of red tape that my university is forcing onto all of us, I must ask that only those over 18 participate. I won't divulge my exact topic here so as not to influence results, but thank you so much to anyone who can help me out, I really do appreciate it!

Please find the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Mn82VMNxU6j3_72QdsK_55udq66dEwzQSn-z9J4NE94/viewform

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I completed it but I think you used a lot of potentially ambiguous terms which might skew your results. Asking people to list games that blatantly copy assests from other games may have vastly different meanings to different people. Some might list games that use the Batman game fighting system or MMOs that copy WoW's formula. I'd interpret it as games that directly lift art or music from others, something that doesn't happen really with larger budget games.

I think it would have also been useful to provide a 5 or 10 point Likert scale for some questions rather than only 3 or 2 choices. When asked about if current games are more or less difficult, I felt none of the answers reflected my own.

Anyway, good luck with it. These are only my thoughts.

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@patman99: Thank you for the feedback, you brought up some very good points, and I completely agree with you. I'll be sure to take this into account for my next survey. I didn't really think of utilising Likert scales, but now that you mention it I do feel that would have been a far better option. I was trying my best to reduce the amount of text boxes as I know from experience they can be daunting and feel more like you're writing an essay, but I didn't think much past multiple choice questions.