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Hi. Could you all recommend some games to me that are just FUN to play, and don't rely on story or graphics to make you want to play it. I'm looking for games that I'll want to play multiple play throughs of that won't bore me after playing it again and again. I'm tired of these games that rely on story and big set pieces that lose their impact on the second play through because you've seen it all before (there are a few exceptions to this, I know). I mean, I LOVE Super Mario Galaxy because gameplay is it's selling point, and it's just FUN to play. Yes, it has a story, but it doesn't trying to jam one down your throat. I also loved Metroid Prime because again, that game heavily relied on GAMEPLAY and didn't need the story to be there as an incentive to play it. Lastly, I'm not looking for games that also rely on multiplayer as it's selling point. So, could anyone recommend some games that meets this criteria? Oh, and I'm looking for games with a beginning and an end, so no sports games, racing games, fighting games, or anything of that sort. Oh, yeah, I only have a PS3 and a Wii, so please only recommend games that are available for those consoles. Thanks! Remember, if it's not fun to play and story is really your only incentive to play it, it's not what I'm looking for. You should be able to skip the cutscenes (if there are cutscenes) and still have a blast playing it through more than once.

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Vanquish is the game you are looking for. All that game cares about is fun.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Vanquish is the game you are looking for. All that game cares about is fun.

Well, he didn't ask for fun; he asked for FUN - weren't you paying attention!?

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Carl on Duty: Black Cops

Mortal Kombat!!

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In terms of sheer fun, Rayman: Origins will be my first recommendation for the foreseeable future.

Every level is replayable with tons of unlockable characters and challenges, and if you decide that multiplayer is something you care about, it features drop-in-drop-out co-op.

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House of Dead: Overkill was the mosy fun I have had in any game this generation if you haven't tried that. It may offend sensitive ears though. The Wii version is likely to be very cheap as well.

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I think Bayonetta would fit your description. Tons of fun beating the crap out of the enemies with flashy combos and lots of replayability with new game plus and harder dificulties that actually change up enemy placement rather than just increasing their health and attack damage. Vanquish would be along these lines too as someone already said.

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I see you are pretty in to Wall of Text: Reckoning

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Hey, guys. Thanks for you recommendations so far, but maybe I wasn't clear in my OP. I'm looking for games that have objectives (mainly getting from point a to point b) and level progression. I'm not looking for "arena" type games where you're in the same room the whole time fighting enemies. That gets boring after a while. @Th3irdEye: I heard that the PS3 version of Bayonetta was pretty flawed. @NerdOnAWire: I actually have Rayman Origins, but I have a few more games to beat before I get to that one.

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I'm going to kick myself for posting the same response in two posts, but Just Cause 2 is pretty much all about having fun. Combine that with Saints Row: The Third, and voila. The only thing that they don't fully have is an RPG-style level progression since both of theirs is mostly based on skill or equipment upgrades. The only thing that really hurts these games is that they don't play well on the second go, though Just Cause 2 has so much to do that you'll barely want to do a second run-through.

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Borderlands. It's notorious for how terribly uninteresting the story is. The story is only there to send you from A to B and then C to shoot stuff along the way. It's fun is centered in shooting dudes, getting loot and leveling up. I think I've played through the game 8 times but it might be more. It's somewhat open world and the quests system means you can run around and always be making progress towards something.

And I wouldn't say racing games don't have a begging and an end. They almost always begin with easy tracks, slow cars and easy opponents and build up towards fast cars, tough tracks and difficult opponents. Their pick up and play nature also makes them instantly fun. I've played the PC and PS1 versions of Need For Speed High Stakes every year since I started gaming and sometimes I still have trouble winning races (although that is in part due to older racing games having brutally unfair AI). Motorstorm Pacific Rift is another fantastic racing game with instant pick up and play fun, a 128 race progression and is fantastic and difficult when you return to it. The Speed Weekend expansion is incredibly good as it changes things up. It's basically a slalom race instead of a circuit race soit's a pretty big mix up to the gameplay.