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Greetings duders,

Any chance of ever getting a "Watch next" video option at the end of videos and/or as a part of a video page? I'm going though the backlog of Metal Gear Scanlon and feels like it's kind of always a few too many clicks to go to the next video.

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It could even be a curated list for potentially similar videos as a small list. The right rail seems like a good spot as well, maybe just above the "Popular Videos" block.

Just wondering!

PS: Wrong section to ask or already been answered? Feel free to lock/delete/move it where it's supposed to go \o/

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I was just thinking about this as I am currently going through Beast in the East. In fact, I would love it if it just automatically went to the next video in the series once you finish the one you watch. But I understand if that's not feasible. Besides, it's only really two clicks. But lazy no clicks would be fantastic.

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I believe this is something Jeff has mentioned before as they move towards a more Netflix style redesign of the site. It would certainly be a neat feature and makes perfect sense.

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@monkeyman04: Thanks for the link! I'll give it a shot on my binge watching tonight.