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I think July 3rd is always a hard day for Giant Bomb fans. It's a remembrance of so many good times, and one bad.

Some have asked when my next cartoon would come out. The reason for the delay was:

1: I tend to work on several at a time so sometimes there's they're all closer to the start of creation rather than the finish.

2: I wanted to make one featuring Ryan Davis, and I didn't expect how much I would obsess on getting the Ryan model correct. I must have restarted 3 or 4 times on his character model because it just wasn't good enough.

3: As I realized this day was coming closer, I realized I wanted to save this one a little longer in hopes that this could be my small way of honoring a beloved man and personality.

I won't lie, I shake a little as I post this, because this is a very personal short for me. It's one of my favorite moments in all of Giant Bomb history, and I hope I did right by the incomparable Mr. Davis.

As a side note, you'll notice I picked an odd design for Brad. This is mostly due to lack of time to make a proper Brad model (on top of the redesigned Jeff and Ryan). I thought this would make a funny surprise, but I will have a real Brad character model in the future!

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I don't remember this bit, but that just made it even funnier. Fantastic job!

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lol Thumbs up! Your Jeff reminds me of Steve Gaynor.

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Hahaha, thanks guys! Never thought of the Steve Gaynor thing. *takes notes

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Perfect, just perfect. Ryan will always be missed.

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Ryan and Vinny were the best parents.

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Ah, the olde Brad Banana-mouth. Well done, duder.

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Oh man, that's really something great! Also the last few seconds where it was just back, and it left me lingering on Ryan's greatness... damn. Gods work, son, Gods work.

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Damn it's really been four years. Time to dive into some classic Ryan content and cry myself to sleep. Great work duder.

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This is great, thank you. Really reminds me how great the chemistry used to be between those 4 dudes, and how silly and funny they were.

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<3 the last few seconds of this one gets me every time. Ryan will always be missed. Well done

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Love it!

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Brad should just remain a photographic head for no reason whatsoever.

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Fantastic video of a fantastic Bombcast moment I had forgotten. These guys worked so damn well together.

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Thanks duder, really well done!

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Still wells my eyes up after 4 yrs. It's good to hear his voice. Nicely done sir, Ryan would approve.

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Beautiful job as always

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I hope that Brad is forever a series of photograph heads. Ryan is missed but damn if he didnt leave some treasure behind.

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Somehow seeing Jeff in a child harness is the funniest thing I have seen all week.

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This is very good. So bittersweet.