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Only just loaded up for me. Seems OK I guess. Guessing I shouldn't be seeing this little symbol everywhere.

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I do, however, REALLY like the new user deck. Especially lists being less of a "32 boxes with very strict definitions and itty bitty images" to this sexiness:

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That makes my stupid fucking blurb look fairly professional. Awesome work there guys, that shit is fantastic. Especially the scrolling bar with all of the user deck tabs.


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I love the new look. I haven't fully explored the site just yet but what I have seen looks amazing. Very nice work!

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I just clicked on my link for Giant Bomb, and I was greeted with a new Web Site Redesign. It looks great, but as some pointed out, it feels a bit slow.

But other than that, I'm loving the new look.

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Getting used to the new page will take some time and I will miss the stuff that was left out but overall its an ok transition.

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99.9% of forums I posted on was on the main page, don't know if I will actually spend as much time in the forums on this site with them tucked away.

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Theforums are really ugly in my opinion. It feels like I am on a commentsection of a news article. I haven't used the rest of the site tocomment on its functionality.

Yeah I feel the same. 50 comments per page is better, but I don't like the look of the posts.The huge space on the right hand side of the screen is also bugging me.

Shame about the achivements too. But from the litte I remember in the beta the other features have been improved.

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Missing the forum feed on the main page. Without a "recent topics" anywhere the way these forums are set up is just really awful to navigate. Sure, it makes sense for the wiki to seperate everything, but for just some good old forum-lurking it's completely terrible.

Also, posts need some bette visual seperation, it feels too cramped.

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I miss the friends' forum posts on the front page, and the status update box on the profile page. heck, miss having the status updates on the front page. What's the point of having a friend's list if there's no quick way to see what they're up to? I like how much easier it is to see your lists of followers and the followed, but when I try to click on someone's name to go to their page it won't take me anywhere.

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Loading Video...


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I wish everything on the front page was shrunk down to like 75% of its current size. I like the layout, everything is just a tad too big.

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GIFs work as profile background now! Check it! (Might have to refresh a few times though.)

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The biggest reason I visited was to look at my precious achievements from Xbox and PS3 combined. I am an achievement whore but we are all weird in our own way.

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The little loading bomb/Johnny icon that flashes when you change pages in a thread or post something is the best thing ever.

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No videos run well for me anymore. They all are very choppy. Granted my pc is quite old, but I didn't have problems before. Hopefully this fixes itself somehow but the new player doesn't jive with my pc.

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I like a lot about it but the white background is a tad more bland than the black background. Also, what happened to the achievements on the game pages? I'm sure this has already been addressed several times but I haven't found an answer yet so if someone can help me out and tell me what's up I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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Uhh... I didn't know that BioShock 2 was a new release.

Am I actually from the future? Did I die? THE DEAD ZONE.

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My post count is still broken - my previous post count was 7753, now it's 7962...

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I also wish the forum posts at the bottom were still there, but everything else looks fantastic.

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Also, I actually really like that forum posts are numbered now like most other boards, and tagged with date and time, although I would still like to see '5 minutes ago'.

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The new site is horrendoues. Threads don't even display their forum section anymore. Check out this thread:

"Lack of HD Collection Makes Me Sad"

You have no idea what game the thread is talking about!!

You have to open the thread, or mouseover to see the url. Now imagine doing this for an entire page of thread titles.

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not bad i like it although achievements? where yous at bro?

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It could be slow due to a completely rewritten site, and all kinds of indexing services and robots (Google) are checking the site out, due to rewritten pages, causing some slow down. At least this is what happened on another site I was part of that got a redesign.

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Yea, I like the overall look but kinda miss the achievement tracking, and like most people the recent forum posts on the front page.

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Agree with everyone, put forums on front page.

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Love the design, and the white theme. I used the black theme at the old site but I think I'm going to enjoy the white one here. So far I love it but I hadn't had a chance to explore it.

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Finally it is starting to work for me which makes me happy. The one thing that I do not like is that you can not see what game is attached to a thread without clicking into it. A small annoyance that used to save me a lot of time.

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@egg said:

The new site is horrendoues. Threads don't even display their forum section anymore. Check out this thread:

"Lack of HD Collection Makes Me Sad"

You have no idea what game the thread is talking about!!

You have to open the thread, or mouseover to see the url. Now imagine doing this for an entire page of thread titles.

Yes, I sincerely hope that's just bugging out right now, or if not, at least easily added back in, 'cause damn.

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Dave the sites working

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What's the difference between edit and full edit on posts. From what I can tell edit does nothing and full edit gives me a 404 error.

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Forums not on the front page, Forums now look like a weird comment section, boards not listed when looking at the list of threads in said Forums... There's pretty much no improvements to the forum area that I can tell. That's a pretty huge bummer.

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I haven't tested out all of the site's features, but I'm liking the new design so far.

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It's Great!

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@egg said:

Threads don't even display their forum section anymore.

That's really the only complaint I have so far.

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I miss the forum activity feed on the front page, but overall the design is nice. Still had to switch it to black background though. Once everything smooths out it will be even nicer, but with how big the site is there were bound to be some performance issues on launch.

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this is a SUPER nitpick, but the star for which podcast is new, is practically INVISIBLE. you need a new, brighter, more colorful star

i kinda love the new site. it really seems like they made SMART changes

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I like the forum design I think it looks nice and finally Giantbomb.ru can update "their" look.

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There was a upcoming video window on the old site. I couldnt find it on the new site, they just took it out?

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I love having the podcasts in the main new feed section of the site. I might be more inclined to remember to post something on them now.

I do miss, however, having every image for games on the right side of the page being Dave.

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They need to centre the forums and put them back on the front page.

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I like it, but I'm going to need some time to get used to it.

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I love what I've seen from the new design so far. I do wish I could see previous Wall posts but eh that's alright.

Dave and the engineers at CBSi did great work. ^o^

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I like the new font(is it new, it looks different).

It looks good on mobile.

The forums are more slick along with the wiki.


The front page is clustered.

The text field is weird when you go to a new line , it gets really jumpy and finicky.

It doesn't look as good on desktop as the last site to read on. The text field just isn't wide enough.

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It's the real deal! I'm loving the design so far and it's working fine, but as others have said, I do miss the forum topics at the bottom of the front page.

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The forums seem entirely unconcerned with the natural flow of the site.

Also, the subject matter of each thread really needs to be displayed underneath the title. The forums are nothing short of confusing without it.

Everything else looks really nice though.

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#147 Posted by deactivated-57f027c6197c3 (99 posts) -

Honesly, everything takes up too much space, the text, font size, video/news story/ect are too big, and rooming out gives me huge spaces on the side, I'll agree the forums don't quite look right but I barely use them. Also I'm noticing the upcoming videos/live shows thingy is missing.

The main thing I'm hoping is that trying to read old posts/reread through replies or a archive are replies works better.

But some of the new features are a plus, I was saying this with seaserpent but it basically it's tidying and cleaning up.

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Really impressed so far! I think it looks really streamlined and snazzy. I know that there are a load of issues and things missing, but I'm sure they will sorted soon.

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This website hasn't been this stylish or crazy in a good long while.

5 stars.

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I like the look of it but I reaaaaally don't like that there's no forums on the front page... I've always just looked at those in the past. I very, very rarely click on the forums tab and I really hate that there is no status update/blog box on the profile page.