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Left-aligned forums look fine to me—it's the text bubble thing that vaguely bothers me. I think people ought to stop full-screening web browsers, as almost nothing is designed for such a thing.

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Is there just nothing in the "Coming up" list or is that not a thing anymore?

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So this is relevant again!

Maybe it's time for a Redux with the launch of the new site?

Yes, let's do this again!

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Nice looking, miss my forums at the bottom of the main page, also the lack of what topic is under the thread title, miss achievements, don't like the 30 second adds all the time, videos as of right now are really blurry for me.

Clearly a work in progress, and it does look very nice.

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I really like it so far!

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Way too tabletified. Big ugly easy to click with your fat thumbs thumbnails everywhere, what happened to just giving a good and easy overview over for example quicklooks?

Forum design is way better though

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I really like the new design. I have one major issue being that my phone doesn't seem to like the new player. So mobile site is now useless for me and I use it every night so that's pretty disappointing. Probably have to drop some cash on a new phone or maybe this is an excuse for a tablet.

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Gotta get used to it. Still a little buggy, but seems like it could be pretty awesome.

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The new video player isn't nearly as bad as the previous one, but I'd still rather just use a youtube embed. Why is the youtube option restricted to premium members, and why is the link the to the youtube page no longer on the videos tab?

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The on site video experience is so much improved. Flash playback with accelerated smoothing again, pinning is nice, embiggen and debiggen don't reload the player, it goes truly fullscreen in Linux, and a maximize to window mode that effectively fullscreens the player while avoiding OS X's awful multi-monitor fullscreen implementation.

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I miss the cartoon duders.- 10000 charms

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I really hope they're taking back the forums on the home page so i can watch all the newest commented threads!

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The account info dropdown tab gets in the way of the forum link, a lot. And there doesn't seem to be a way (a quick, easy one at least) to see if and what followed users are online. Also no way to change forum posts from sequential to latest is a little bit of a bummer. I like the overall layout of the site though, it looks great.

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It just occurred to me.

Not having the forums at the bottom of the homepage is going to keep me from spending nearly as much time in the forums.

Sorry about that, guys.

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It is really nice, I quite like it. Great job top men!

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@bhlaab said:

The new video player isn't nearly as bad as the previous one, but I'd still rather just use a youtube embed. Why is the youtube option restricted to premium members, and why is the link the to the youtube page no longer on the videos tab?

Yeah that is just a dumb feature to keep for premium users, all it makes me do is watch videos on youtube instead of on their site.

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It just occurred to me.

Not having the forums at the bottom of the homepage is going to keep me from spending nearly as much time in the forums.

Sorry about that, guys.

I'm the same each time I come to this site I scroll to the bottom of the page, to see if any forum posts peak my interest. Now I just scroll to the bottom and get twitter updates...

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It's ok, but I prefer the old site because I'm stubborn and stuck in my ways.

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Left-aligned forums look fine to me—it's the text bubble thing that vaguely bothers me.I think people ought to stop full-screening web browsers, as almost nothing is designed for such a thing.

I have my PC on my 40inch LCD sitting about 1 metre and a half away from it. Fullscreen looks great!

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@fawkes said:

Is there just nothing in the "Coming up" list or is that not a thing anymore?

Site was having trouble today so no one filled it. But drew has promised me that he will keep that thing filled!

@bhlaab said:

The new video player isn't nearly as bad as the previous one, but I'd still rather just use a youtube embed. Why is the youtube option restricted to premium members, and why is the link the to the youtube page no longer on the videos tab?

Well to answer the first one, we need to pay the bills somehow and putting our videos on youtube would cut a huge portion of our funds. I'd say the subscribers and video ads keep a lot of the site running.

Not having the forums at the bottom of the homepage is going to keep me from spending nearly as much time in the forums.

The plan is to eventually have a better activity pane on the site which would notify you of all relevant things on the site to you. That being said I miss it to but there are just so many other big things that needed to be tackled.

I miss the cartoon duders.- 10000 charms

I miss them as well. I printed them out and posted them on my fridge. But that is all I will say.

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@thegoldencat7: Are those icons still not coming in for you? This should have been resolved. Let me know if not and what browser and OS you are using.

@ everyone about the left side forums. Hmm well dunno about this. I mean the problem is that you probably would not want this to stretch 100% width for everyone With the ever increasing sizes of peoples monitors from my iPad -> 15" laptop -> 27" iMac a percentage seemed like the way to go. The right hand column hold important stuff and hopefully even more eventually. I think the problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are 50 comments on a page now so you notice the gap for a longer time. That all being said, we will take everything into consideration but I really do like 50 comments at a time!

Also thanks to everyone so far for the feedback, praise and gripes. I'll probably right some big large thing at some point or maybe Dave and I will do a radio show at some point.

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@alexisg: Printed them out? You are the hero Giant Bomb deserves.

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Every redesign since like 2009 has gotten worse and worse because they seem to want to make everything 150% of the size it was with every new redesign. Why can I only see five stories at once on the homepage? This trend carries on throughout the whole site as well. Everything is just too damn big and takes up too much space.

The forums are just ugly to look at. Usernames are completely lost within the rest of the post and aren't next to the avatar anymore. Usernames are no longer color-coded. The membership badge covers up almost a fourth of the avatar.

Front page removed the 'most recent forums' section, which is the only way I ever browsed the forums (refreshing the homepage). I honestly probably won't even use the forums anymore if that's gone; when I did it was because I opened the homepage to see if there was any new content, and if there wasn't, scroll down to the forums to see if there were any new/interesting threads. Reminds me of when they removed the 'followed users most recent status updates' section from the front page. I used to check it every time I refreshed the homepage and post on people's walls in response, but once they removed it I never looked again.

I lost all of my images somehow. I assume it's a bug because I saw that some other people had theirs carry over, but I'll be really upset if they're gone.

For some reason everything is left-aligned now with the right third of my screen unused. Why? I'll open a new tab if I want to navigate to somewhere else on the site.

I really fucking hate how the text editor doublespaces every time I press enter. I used parchment v1 on the old site because of how fucking bad of a decision that is.

Overall, I really don't like the new site. I'm struggling to find a single relevant thing that the new site does better than the old site to warrant all the backwards changes. So far I'm coming up empty.

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The forum thing will be missed. And aside from that, everything just takes up more space on the main page. Visually it is a slick looking site. Functionally I just miss the forums, everything else is a matter of getting used to it.

EDIT: So I am super happy that the site now re-adjusts the video size based on the size of the window. This is now an indispensable tool. And the resuming video thing is ok, but i dont see a use for it yet personally.

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The site seems to work better in Firefox than in Chrome, videos don't hitch and site seems to load faster. Anyone else have this experience?

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@adoggz said:



The little loading bomb/Johnny icon that flashes when you change pages in a thread or post something is the best thing ever.

yes it is. I've been going back and forth between pages in this thread just to see it again.

I'm also seeing him when I hover over my mail icon, after the bomb fuse fizzles... that's normal, right?

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Looks like it shows what forum the topics are in now. That's so much better.

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I really like the new layout. Red and white text on black panels looks sleek and is right up my alley. Video player seems really sharp and runs smooth. With a few tweaks and the glitches hammered out it should be amazing.

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Ehhh I hate all change but I'll get over it. Won't use the forums as much since they are not at the bottom of the front page anymore.

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#230 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4312 posts) -

I really love the changes especially when I changed the site to black. There are lots of really cool subtle changes and I feel like the site has the potential to be much faster than the old site. For example when it tells you whether messages went through or not at the top. The site looks real sleek too.

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#231 Posted by EnduranceFun (1116 posts) -


Thanks for reminding me to change back to black.

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It's still about video game.

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The new video player is running way worse for me than the previous one. Constant video lag when doing streaming, and progressive HD flat out doesn't work on my Macbook.

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I'm not that fond of the new forum look, but everything ells looks new and shiny! There's always gonna be some adjustment with a new site, and I understand why some seasoned users might initially dislike the new design. I myself have been here since Jeffs post-gamespot blog days and I love that the GB crew are not afraid of re-inventing their site look and design. I mostly love it, but regardless I'm here to stay as a premium user for many years to come.

EDIT: a little bummed that the new premium user "medallion" hides my Haddocks pipe... I'll have to adjust that.

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I'm glad I grabbed the URLs of the videos I wanted to download before the redesign. I would've had to scroll more since there is very less pieces of content per screen now, especially in the Videos page. I didn't, however, line up the links for the Persona 4 Endurance Run episodes. Gonna be hell to download them all. Also, I hate how big the size of the text is, everywhere.


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I love the design but miss the forum posts on the home page.

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It's a much smoother experience on mobile than the last site was.

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So is there a way to make the progress bar and stuff not show up in the video player when fullscreen'd? It's very distracting.

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Everything is wayyyyyyy too big and bubbly... and I really cant stand how the forum posts are separated... it is hurting my eyes and giving me a headache... an option to switch back to the old style would be nice.

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I like it, nice and sleek.

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Looks great, but the giant abyss in user profiles seems rather excessive. You have to scroll down and it's practically half a website's worth of empty space before the profile actually starts.

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#242 Posted by Claude (16651 posts) -

Changes fuck me up. But that's life. Can't go back, can't relive the past, must move forward.

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I miss the 8 or so forum threads that were listed at the bottom of the front page, any way to get that back?


Plus I want the HTML box back

Other than that it's good

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I prefer having the community showcase on the right. Now it feels like there's just an empty space. Also really liked having the popular threads at the bottom. Sad to see them gone.

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Everything is too big. Fonts, pictures... too much wasted space! I can read perfectly fine. There is no need for huge fonts etc... terrible!

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I like the new site but found one strange issue. I don't have a twitter account but under my activity feed, it says i'm tweeting. I just decided to desync it.

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Everything looks better but feels a lot less convenient. The site feels a bit harder to navigate because of my previous criticisms, but it's also harder to set an avatar and stuff. It was really clear that you could just go to an uploaded image and make that your icon/profile picture/background. Now it seems like I can only do that by going to settings?

Not really seeing the point of having an About Me page. I preferred the last one where a simple little bit about yourself could pop up if you clicked that thing on your post. Now I've just got a page dedicated to a couple of paragraphs.

I do really like the Twitter feed at the bottom, but I don't like having to scroll down that far. Although everything at the top of the website looks great. I really like the circular bomb-like icon for the user's pic on the top right. Everything looks really stylish. Fonts are maybe a bit big? Not entirely sure if the style of font suits GB either. Doesn't say super happy fun times to me. Being able to change the content from a list to a grid gets rid of some of the dead space and that's quite nice. Not sure if that was there before.

I dunno. Maybe the site needs time to fix up a few things, and I need time to get used to it.

Oh, and the white looks nicer than ever, but I just changed it back to black using tat icon thing on the top right. Easier on the eyes.

EDIT: New wiki pages look GREAT.

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The lack of the forum topics on the front page is a bit disappointing, like others I have said the main reason I would join in on the occasional discussion is due to see what was currently popular and clicking on whatever piqued my interest.

Still apart from that is seems fine apart from that.

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#249 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1587 posts) -

Black, dark parts are the cool bits. Everything in the white spaces seems to have too much unused space. Right now image-related functions seem to be slow, so I am hoping that that will sort it self out.

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+ Pinning is awesome and should be a thing on any video-heavy website, though I wish I could maintain it across pages (I doubt that's even possible, sadly).

+ I love the video page (aside from the drop down menus)

+ ...and the podcast page.

- I don't like the landing page. Firstly, the featured videos/articles section is HUGE, I can't imagine browsing from there on a laptop and it feels like it was designed for TV use for some reason. Even on my 24" (modest nowadays I guess) monitor, I have to stretch Chrome all the way vertically to get any use out of the front page. Heck, even the "coming soon" part is gone. Maybe that's a godsend, since now there is no reason for me to use it anyway.

- I don't like the look of the new forums at all, and the amount of vertical space the top bar on specific forums takes up. Oh, and I miss being able to edit posts in HTML and using HTML script when embedding videos and other media.

- When you scroll down on a specific forum, the jump menu for that page pins to the top, where I'd rather have the overall site jump menu (to get to /videos, for example).