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With last years site redesing, finding older shows on the site is easier than ever before. There's still a lot of great stuff that you'll have to go dig for. There is over 250 days worth of video content on this website after all.

With this list I'll highlight some of my and the general GB audiences favorite videos. There's always new people coming to this site and how would you ever just stuble upon that great one-off video from 10 years ago?

First of all, if there's any game you want to know if Giant Bomb has played on video, check out QL Crew. You get a list off all videos featuring the game you want using the "Select a Game" function on the left.

If you have any suggestions for must-watch videos or hidden gems, please post them in the comments.

I'll start with some of the longer complete playthroughs:

Demon's and Dark Souls:


Other shows:

  • Kerbal Space Program, can the east coast get to the Mun and back?
  • Giant Bomb Makes Mario, my favorite videos on the site, I wish Super Mario Maker 2 was as easy to record level creation with.
  • 30-Day Trial, Dan plays WoW for 4 weeks. Part 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Jackbox games, most of these are played multiple times on UPF and other streams, I've linked QL Crew's site with timecodes/links for all 5 packs. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • FMVinny, there are tons of FMVinny segments as small parts of other videos, so here's QL Crews list of all of them.
  • Flight Club, user TwoLines compiled all Flight Club videos in this list.

One-off videos or short shows:

Console streams:

Really good older Quick Looks:

Travel videos:

Behind the Scenes:

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That's a solid list you've put together.

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No love for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 quick look? That's still my favourite piece of content on the site.

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This is a great list. There's so many more gems on this site, too. I'd probably include the Shenmue ER and Drew's flight sim stuff.

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Good list overall; I'd include the Game Room videos as well. Watching the crew's attitudes change over the course of the videos is great every time.

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I'd throw in the Fortune Street TNT (Part 1 , Part 2). I like a lot of your choices, good list!

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I feel like How To Build A Bomb should be part of the behind the scenes