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Dice always makes really good trailers, and there's no actual gameplay here, which is disappointing, but this is still a neat trailer! It's interesting to make the ring of death an actual ring of fire, which looks cool, if nothing else.

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Feels like they missed an opportunity with the song choice, given the literal Ring of Fire in the trailer.

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Looks cool, I've never thought they were very good at making trailers.

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Its okay Every company put out more of a look and feel trailer, but for "battle royal" what people want to know are the mechanics . People need to see getting into a game; how weapons appear to be picked up; and how weapons are switch (speed of that function). A sizzle reel of the underlying storyline of battle royal is sort of worthless; it is worthless in a way that a sizzle reel for multiplayer or single player isn't as much.

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I've never been a battle royale person but I am real into BFV so this is a weird one. The tone of the trailer is a bit goofy? I am a bit exhausted with everything trying to be Marvel films in tone these days.

They're putting out a gameplay trailer for the people after the nitty gritty next week but I just can't see this mode being a huge deal. All I hope is that it doesn't derail the main game which desperately needs more content. I am aware Criteon is working on Firestorm but if it blows up or needs extra hands I have no doubt it'll impact what DICE Sweden does.

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Surely everything shown here will be balanced.

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Looks neat.

I just don't think I want to buy the full game though. I've played all the other Battlefield games but I just don't have it in me to play this.

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I got a copy of BFV with my new RTX card and I hadn't installed it yet, but this trailer prompted me to do so. Still riding that Battle Royale hype train!

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I don't know how i feel about this battlefield Talking Heads remix. Just gimme back the old 1942 theme or some odd remix from it.