Nintendo: it' know, for kids!

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@rahf said:

@volemaulder: I feel you're leaning heavily on one side and perhaps missing some of the forest for the trees.

When I mean bleak and miserable, I mean any game where the overall tone and mood is dire. There's a lot of washed-out colors, angry faces, and most people--barring the protagonist and/or their entourage--are either suspicious or antagonistic.

Fair enough, you're not wrong to observe this. I am quite tired of this myself, if I'm being honest, although I wouldn't usually think of such games as so-called mature ones, necessarily. I guess, technically, as someone pointed out previously, from a ratings perspective, they are, due to certain imagery and content (e.g. violence, language etc), but that's never really been the focus of this topic, at least I don't think so.

@pezen is also on point two posts above, well said.

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#102 Posted by ghost_cat (2303 posts) -

Everyone, quick, hide your games: the Game Sommelier from the maturity chapter is in town!

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#103 Posted by wardcleaver (331 posts) -

Obviously I am aware that Nintendo is not just for kids. It is also for immature adults (jk).

Having said that, I bought a Wii for my sons when they were in elementary school. My wife and I would join them for Wii Sports. Outside of that, we never touched it. As soon as my sons hit junior high, they stopped playing Wii altogether.

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@pezen said:

Also, if games target at kids can be enjoyed by adults, why are the people enjoying them trying so hard to dispute the idea that those games are made with kids in mind? It just seems counterproductive. Either everyone can enjoy the same games despite it's target audience or people are trying really hard to argue against the idea that Nintendo's games have kids as their target audience because adults, despite their best efforts, don't like to be associated with consuming kid-focused entertainment.

To be honest I only brought it up because of the original post and some other responses suggested that it's impossible for adults to like Nintendo but maybe I read too much into that.

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#105 Posted by Claude (16670 posts) -

I'm 54 and still play my Wii. Well, I play them on my Wii U. Playing some Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 as I type. I have a pretty big collection of Wii games I still play to this day. I love my goddamn Wii.

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I myself will not be satisfied until Mario is in Mortal Kombat ripping off heads and splitting torsos in half. Good thread.