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I have herd that in the Beta of the new Giantbomb the quests have been removed, No being apart of the beta myself i ask you if this is true and if so why? This was one of the best parts of the site :(

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@tombtha940 said:

This was one of the best parts of the site :(

How so?

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Quests have been dead for a while.

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No they weren't, the quests were just an amusing gimmick for like the first couple of weeks. Plus that would clutter up the forums with all of the idiots who kept posting their quest-related spam-blogs. And it also encouraged a lot of users to go around recommending and/or following fucking everything and everyone on the site.

What is a shame, though, is that I believe the wiki tasks thing is being discontinued.

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@tombtha940: There haven't been any new quests in over a year now. It may not be gone forever, but it isn't a top priority.

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They apparently break the site a lot and they need someone to actually set them - they don't have the staff any more.

They were fun for a while and got the site some attention but I will not miss them too much.

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I never cared for them after the first week. Waste of resources in my opinion. Focus on the wiki aspect of the site, something I feel has been sorely lacking these last couple of years.

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I'll be glad to no longer have the first comment on every single front page item being "QUEST!!!!!!!" or "already had the quest :P!!!"

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@tombtha940: I think it was something that the interns handled - it was kinda fun as a gimmick, but I agree with the general sentiment that it isn't really needed.