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Last week they did the extra life stream so it made since, but not even a mention this week. Hasn't been much premium content on the site lately either which is fine considering we just came off of Metal Gear Scanlon, but does anyone else think it's time they maybe mixed it up a bit? UPF is cool, but its gotten a bit monotonous. New stuff like Demo Durbey encompass most of the cooler moments of UPF, and when the staff does streams from home they seem much more energetic, and engaged. restructuring their premium content to focus on their new interests would be even cooler than sticking with UPF in my opinion. New Encyclopedia Bombasticas would be cool too.

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It is a holiday today. I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing something.

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It says in the upcoming content sidebar that there will be UPF tonight.

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@rahulricky: Not an official federal holiday but most people do something for it.

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Oh, it's up there now.

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I really wish people wouldn't make these threads EVERY WEEK. It seems like every week they don't put it on the coming up on thing until Friday, and then someone makes a thread about it EVERY TIME. It's just a little annoying, is all. Also, since this is resolved, I'm going to lock this, to prevent people from coming in here thinking that there isn't one this week.