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Hi there!

If you've at any point hung in the giant bomb infinite, you may have heard that "nothing stops game room". But is that actually true?

I have dedicated couple of my last evenings to finding answer to this question. After hundreds of handcrafted lines of spaghetti code, learning only the most basic concepts of database administration, and working around twitter's 3.2k status retrieval limit (which involved locking the spacebar key on my keyboard in place with a mug and going for a walk) I finally have answers to questions which have plagued the humanity handful people on this website since the beginning of time early April, at most.

(All of this is based off ALL tweets made by the GBInfinite twitter account, as of 2018.11.08 at 01:30:some_seconds GMT)

Top 10 Most Played Game Room Quick Looks

This is rather underwhelming - Game Room videos got to 72 plays mainly due to volume of available videos, which makes up only about 0.04% of all Quick Looks played on GBI. Speaking of which...

#VideoTimes Played
1Quick Look: Game Room for 08/04/105
2Quick Look: Game Room for 09/01/104
3Quick Look: Game Room for 06/23/104
4Quick Look: Game Room for 12/22/104
5Quick Look: Game Room for 10/06/104
6Quick Look: Game Room for 05/19/103
7Quick Look: Game Room for 06/09/103
8Quick Look: Game Room for 09/15/103
9Quick Look: Game Room for 06/02/103
10Quick Look: Game Room for 05/26/103

Top 10 Most Played Quick Looks

Holy smokes! 1815 plays and 991 unique videos!!! I guess this site has a lot of Quick Looks. That's about 32%, almost a third of total plays on GBI - impressive!

Some quality choices in here, ones that are bound to be picked whenever they appear as a choice in the polls. It's worth noting, that of those 1815 plays, 555 come from videos which were only played once.

#VideoTimes Played
1Quick Look: Press Your Luck 20109
2Quick Look: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F8
3Quick Look: The Simpsons Arcade Game7
4Quick Look: Enforcer: Police. Crime. Action.7
5Quick Look: Ashes Cricket 20137
6Quick Look: Fallout: New Vegas6
7Quick Look: Family Feud 2010 Edition6
8Quick Look: Hollywood Squares6
9Quick Look: Harry Potter for Kinect6
10Quick Look: PlayStation Move Round-Up6

Top 10 Most Played VinnyVanias

Wall meats, whips, Draculas, vampires, Alucards - this series has it all! It's no wonder that videos from the series have been played over 100 times - 108 to be specific.

#VideosTimes Played
1VinnyVania: Super Castlevania IV10
2VinnyVania: Dracula's Curse - Part 016
3VinnyVania: Symphony of the Night - Part 056
4VinnyVania: Simon's Quest - Part 026
5VinnyVania: Simon's Quest - Part 036
6VinnyVania: Simon's Quest - Part 016
7VinnyVania: Dracula's Curse - Part 036
8VinnyVania: Castlevania - Part 04 vs. the PC Engine - Part 015
9VinnyVania: Bloodlines - Part 015
10VinnyVania: Dracula's Curse - Part 075

Top 10 Most Played UPFs

UPF is always a safe bet: longish, varied, no matter which one is chosen, it will bring joy and memories of chill Fridays to all. Unless it is the one where Brad somehow convinced the others to play Dota with him, which brings joy to MY heart.

362 total plays, 161 unique videos, including 3 different Thursday Edition UPFs. This is a boring ten, it doesn't even have the one with Dota, so WHO CARES.

#VideoTimes Played
1Unprofessional Fridays: 06/26/20136
2Unprofessional Fridays: 12/12/20146
3Unprofessional Fridays: 07/18/20145
4Unprofessional Fridays: 05/29/20155
5Unprofessional Fridays: 01/22/20165
6Unprofessional Fridays: 04/04/20145
7Unprofessional Fridays - 04/26/20135
8Unprofessional Fridays - 04/05/20135
9Unprofessional Fridays: 05/24/20135
10Unprofessional Fridays: 05/22/20155

Top 10 Most Played Endurance Run Videos

GBI is all about enduring - and it shows! Chat decided to pick various ED videos 215 times!

Quite predictably, most of these were Persona 4 videos (88 times), Deadly Premonition ended up in the second place (60 times), and Shenmue in third (25 times). Chrono Trigger receives honorable mentions with 11 plays.

#VideoTimes Played
1Endurance Run: Shenmue - Part 144
2Endurance Run: Shenmue - Part 244
3Endurance Run: Shenmue - Part 133
4Endurance Run: Persona 4 - Part 1013
5Endurance Run: Shenmue - Part 063
6Endurance Run: Shenmue - Part 103
7Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part VJ-363
8Behind the Scenes: Endurance Run Ep. 503
9Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part VJ-023
10Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part VJ-383

Top 10 Extra Life Videos

Recently, whenever I loaded the GBI page, I either was greeted by an EL video, or one soon popped in in the poll. But I guess I must have dreamed all of that, because extra life videos have been played only 65 times total, and only 3 of those happened since October 28th. Also - the infamous 16 hour drum video was played only twice, but I'm fairly sure that the second time it froze in first hours of it and had to be skipped (as such, it I did not include it in the top 10, but here is a link to it if you'd like to watch it). We must do better.

EDIT: I initially referred to the 2016's drum video which made it to this top 10 as the infamous 2017's 16 hour drumfest, apologies for this grave mistake

#VideoTimes Played
1Extra Life 2015 - Austin: Part 065
2Extra Life 2015 - SF Studio: Part 013
3Extra Life 2016 - Jeff: Part 023
4Extra Life 2013 - Day 2: Part 073
5Alex's Extra Life Drumstravaganza - Part 023
6Extra Life 2013 - Day 1: Part 012
7Extra Life 2014 - Day 4: Part 092
8Extra Life 2013 - Day 2: Part 082
9Extra Life 2013 - Day 2: Part 102
10Extra Life 2015 - Austin: Part 012

Top 22 Most Replayed Videos on GBI

Quite crowded here, at the top - 22 videos have been replayed at least 7 times, but we at least have a clear winner: VinnyVania: Super Castlevania IV (part 1) is currently the most replayed video on the GBI, with 10 plays. That, and all other videos, add up to 2809 unique videos being shown and 5692 total plays on GBI. Those are big numbers!

Other than that, the list includes some classic videos that always get voted in, random one off videos that caught people's attention and 'Best Of's, often picked for their brevity in comparison to other choices. And guess what?! Not a single Game Room video, as it should be.

#VideoTimes Played
1VinnyVania: Super Castlevania IV10
2The Old Games Show: 03/26/20159
3Quick Look: Press Your Luck 20109
4Game Tapes 02: The Power of the Cell9
5Random PC Game: Burn: Cycle8
6Quick Look: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F8
7Don't Let Jeff Take a Microphone Into the Bathroom8
8Best of Giant Bomb 135 - Hole Talk8
9The Old Games Show: 07/08/20157
10Quick Look: The Simpsons Arcade Game7
11Quick Look: Enforcer: Police. Crime. Action.7
12Quick Look: Ashes Cricket 20137
13Mario Party Party 87
14Mario Party Party 57
15Jeff's Top 10 Games of 20097
16If Your Fancy TVii Software Doesn't Support Roseanne, What's the Point?7
17GBE: Megadate 05/13/20167
18CD-I Don't Know About These Games, Man7
19Breaking Brad: Doom II: Cacobrad - Part 37
20Best of Giant Bomb 92 - The Right Angle7
21Best of Giant Bomb 111 - Firestarter7
22Backflips 'n BioForge - Part 017

Honorable mentions:

  • Bombcast has been voted in only five times, each time with a unique video, including one time where one of them won with only one vote total (it was me, I voted for it, fight me, cowards!)
  • Jar time is in the exact same boat, 5 plays, each for a single video - apparently people do not like news/talky videos on GBI
  • Although featured on the overall top 10, 'Best Of's have only been played 60 times
  • I did not include tops for the following series, because I ran out of steam: MGS (152 plays), mailbags (278 plays), playdates: (89 plays), TANG (104 plays), TNT (108 plays)
  • Series that got less playtime that game room quick looks: Mario Party Party (41 plays), Random PC Game (62 plays), I Love Mondays (52 plays), Game Tapes (31 plays, including 4 raw tapes)
  • There are 1370 videos which were only played once

Dishonorable mentions:

  • I either goofed the search for it, or no dota videos (other than the Brad's extra life video, and that one UPF ) were chosen since GBI went live. If it's the latter, then SHAME ON YOU, CHAT!


  • Twitter data includes some videos from before the launch of gbi (then GB TV), or at least that's what it looks like to me EDIT: actually, the GB TV started in late February, so the weirdness at the start of March is probably because the twitter bot has not been yet fully implemented
  • Entries include all videos which were voted in - so bad videos and possibly some weirdness around times when the stream machine had to be restarted
  • Because of backend changes related to site redesign, the show category is no longer included in GBI twitter feed
  • There currently 26 broken entries that have to be corrected manually (mostly because of tweet truncation)

Apologies if the analysis is a little bit dry - I put most of my energy towards learning SQL and debugging my shitty code. :P

If you'd like to have a go at the data yourself, here is a handy csv file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l19vq0z9ypnyajk/gbi_tweets_2018.11.08_01.32.49.csv?dl=1

I'd like to at some point expand the data by including calculated elapsed time, video status based on this (completed, skipped, frozen), and the video metadata from GP's API, but I don't know if I get to it any time soon.

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This is the kind of post I love. Thanks for putting in the work on compiling the data. I wonder if retro/snes/old games being 6 of the top 10 videos shows a trend that the GB community prefer watching them play older games when it's not a quick look or something? I know i prefer then they crack out a CD-i or Snes on a livestream rather than a random steam game.

cc @marino and @zombiepie for community spotlight?

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Sometimes I don't think Ryan was in on the joke about what game he was sitting down to record. I love going through all of them in order and hearing the audible gross taste in Ryan's mouth over the joke that game room had become and Jeff's descent into madness.

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@vortextk:That's definitely the case with the 8th game room on the list - the one from September 15th 2010:

R: "Alright, so, uh, Jeff. We're here to lookat Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den, the new single player dlc that just recently came out. So let's get into it, Jeff."

J: *hovers over the Minerva's Den launcher*

J: "Uh... yeah, I totally tricked you"

J: *launches game room*

It's the best.

Also, I have just realized that I somehow missed 5 tweets somewhere after the 3.2k cutoff, which means that I will have to actually dick around in selenium to get them. :/ (which is, like, 20 minutes of work, but still)

That, and the video name bug are the two things that are making me sad right now.

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I love this post, great job. I was looking into setting up a simple website to display stats like this, also based on the Twitter account, but ran into issues with scraping the account on an automatic basis and lost interest. With the change in how video titles get exposed, I feel like I'd have been so salty if I had gone through with it.

Hey @wcarle how long until we get an API endpoint for Infinite stats? :P (I'm only semi-serious - keep up the good work on the new site!)

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@processr: Oh yeah, web scraping is great, because most of the problems you're going to encounter are not because of your code, but because of other people's terrible websites. Speaking of which...

I've been trying to find problems with my scraping methods and I have arrived at the conclusion that my scripts are beautiful and infallible, and it's all Twitter's fault. No, really.

I dug around and found that although twitter limits the number of statuses that you can get through the "GET statuses / user_timeline" endpoint and the legacy mobile site, the search functionality on the site does not actually impose such limits, though the standard API endpoint is limited to results from the last seven days only. OK, who cares about APIs, let's scrape that shit! And, hey, it worked! I was now missing four tweets instead of five! ...FUCK

OK, what can I do about this? I've actually been entertaining this idea for quite some time now and I had a working prototype done a couple months ago (note: working != good, I wrote it mainly in one sitting, instead of a database I just had a bunch of json and csv files in a bunch of directories, which my script was combining on the fly into one big mess), so I had some data from when the account had less than 2k tweets (meaning that I was not restricted by the aforementioned limit back then). I checked the tweet IDs from that against the current database and found one ID that my script was not finding: https://twitter.com/GBInfinite/status/994236284917858305

OK, progress, that's cool. I looked at the tweet but I did not find anything out of the ordinary - the json response about I got from the API did not reveal anything interesting either. So why was my script not finding it? I constructed a query to find all the tweets from GBI posted before May 10th (one day after the tweet was posted), and... well, take a look yourself: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=from:GBInfinite%20until:2018-05-10

It's not there. That's annoying, did I mess up the query? How about searching for the text instead. https://twitter.com/search?q=Hot%20as%20Heck%20Edition%20from:gbinfinite Nope, it's not there either.

So, at this point I think it might actually be impossible to get to these three last missing tweets. I'm saying that because to get around the aforementioned status lookup limit initially, I simply loaded the account's whole timeline on an actual browser and extracted tweet ids with an HTML parser. A naive method, but it got me the same results as actually scraping the account with a script. In other words - the three tweets I'm missing (+ the one I got from the old files) do not show up on the account's timeline.

OK, but I still can access tweets directly if I have an ID, in fact I can lookup 100 IDs at a time. So if I take the last known good tweet ID from the old files and the oldest tweet I can get to using the API I would have a range of IDs to lookup. Ok, EASY! That's 1005863723020345344 and 1023753279883247616 respectively. Let's do some math...

1023753279883247616 - 1005863723020345344 = 17,889,556,862,902,272


@wcarle I wonder: as -- I assume -- the owner of the account, do you see anything special about that that tweet / know why it does not show up in search results?

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Cool stats, thanks for processing these. I always did wonder what type of patterns would come out of GB8....