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Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and SC2: Legacy of the Void all drop on the 10th of November. Personally I'm looking forward to all three of these games and can't believe all three release on the same day.

Anyone else feeling like they will be having a tough time deciding what to play on this day?

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No interest in Fallout 4 or anything to do with Starcraft, but I will have me some of that Tomb Raider.

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StarCraft 2 feels like so long ago...

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I've also got Sword Coast Legends coming up on 20 October unless it gets delayed again, plus Star Wars: Battlefront on 17 November. Then, just two weeks after that, Just Cause 3 on 1 December. Fall is always packed with games, but the difference this year for me is that there are actually more than just one or two games I'm interested in. November 10th isn't a significant date for me since I probably won't even be buying Fallout 4 on release day - I'm going to wait and make sure it isn't too much of a buggy mess. I also couldn't care less about StarCraft, and with Tomb Raider's timed exclusivity, that puts that game out of the running for me until who knows when. I imagine that's the case for the majority of the Giant Bomb community, since most people around here seem to be primarily PC or PS4 gamers.

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Very excited for Tomb Raider. Since CD took over, I've enjoyed them all, with the reboot being my game of the year.

I love Starcraft, but couldn't bring myself to finish HotS. Mission design was great, story was abysmal. But I've played hundreds, hundreds of hours of Starcraft (the whole series), and should probably be more hyped than I am.

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I was actually really hyped for Legacy of the Void. It was going to be the game I bought on the 10th but they just opened that 3 mission mini-campaign up to everyone and that kinda cooled me on playing more starcraft. I still think the campaign is the best thing going in RTS these days and I couldn't care less about the crappy storyline so I'll probably still get it but it was still a bit of a bummer. I'll probably be still playing Binding of Isaac's expansion like crazy by the 10th though so it's all good.

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@yummylee said:

No interest in Fallout 4 or anything to do with Starcraft, but I will have me some of that Tomb Raider.

.....said no one ever lol.

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@jace said:
@yummylee said:

No interest in Fallout 4 or anything to do with Starcraft, but I will have me some of that Tomb Raider.

.....said no one ever lol.

Guess that makes me the first. Yay me.

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I'm weirdly interested in thinking about how Blizzard is trying to position Legacy of the Void, because currently I'm baffled by it.

Starcraft II was an event, having a modern version of that series appear over a decade later was something. It's one of 2 or 3 RTS games that most gamers have some familiarity with. It's weird that they're going for a holiday release for Legacy of the Void, compared to Heart of the Swarm's random spring release because it was an expansion. They're making LotV its own standalone thing and going for a ballsier release window up against some big games, yet Starcraft interest has fallen off even more precipitously than when Heart of the Swarm came out.

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I've never been big on Fallout or Tomb Raider so I'll just stick with Legacy of the Void.

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I'm interested in Fallout 4, but I'll wait until the GOTY edition (or whatever); RotT is definitely something I'll pick up...when it's on PC; also, I have never had any interest in StarCraft - I'm just generally not an RTS person.

BTW, you're forgetting the most important thing on November 10th: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3!

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I'll probably do what I normally do, buy the games and then stare at my TV unable to decide which to play and then go to sleep.

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Fallout 4 will be my bread and butter for me that day, pretty stoked for the pip-boy collectors edition to show up at my door step.

I wish Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't coming out on the same day though, really excited to play that since the previous title was one of my favorite releases that year. I even plan to play through the Definitive Edition on the One this month if time allows. Nothing will stop the Fallout 4 train through, way too pumped to play that as soon as it arrives.

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Already bought SC2 so that's decided. I'll play Tomb Raider eventually on PS4 and Fallout is basically a more boring version of Skyrim. That's not to say Fallout won't be good and couldn't potentially be amazing but chances are it's just a game I'll play for 50 odd hours and then get bored and stop playing (without ever finishing the main storyline).

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And the steam controller. And I believe the Xbox one adapter.

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@yummylee said:
@jace said:
@yummylee said:

No interest in Fallout 4 or anything to do with Starcraft, but I will have me some of that Tomb Raider.

.....said no one ever lol.

Guess that makes me the first. Yay me.

I was going to make a less mean remark than Jace, but I read that and I was like "Man, Yummylee must be the only person to have ever said such". If it's any consolation, I'm probably going to play through Tomb Raider before I even buy Fallout 4 if only to give the community time to report on whatever Fallout 4's bugs happen to be.

Halo 5 comes out at the end of October and Just Cause 3 at the beginning of December, so not only is November full, it's also booked on both sides by games that I'm going to buy. I've gotta finish The Witcher 3 and Destiny, play some more Forza 6, and then play through Halo 5 and Tomb Raider and a decent chunk of FO4 and Just Cause 3. It's not so much that there are a ton of games out, it's that most of what I want to finish takes a long time to go through.

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@yummylee: @believer258: @jace: Renowned Barry Enthusiast Mr. Lee has also stipulated in the past that he played MGSV for 4 hours before shelving it. However since RTS is niche/absurdly difficult relative to modern games and Fallout is for Bethesda fans I don't really think his sentiment is an unconscionable one in this case. Tomb Raider was good.

Edit: Oh and Resident Evil 6 is a good game.

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@fredchuckdave: I played Ground Zeroes for 30 minutes before going "eh" and haven't touched it since. It's the only Metal Gear I've ever played.

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@jace said:
@yummylee said:

No interest in Fallout 4 or anything to do with Starcraft, but I will have me some of that Tomb Raider.

.....said no one ever lol.

I'm picking up Tomb Raider that day instead of the other two. Just have no time for Fallout 4 currently and Starcraft 2 is something i can wait to play.

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I'm interested in all 3 of those games but there's only so much time in the day.

I'll probably pick up FO4 first, then SC2, then Tomb Raider. I placed Tomb Raider last in the vain hope that the PC release will come out by the time I've finished with the other two. If not I have no qualms against playing it on my Xbone.

Also would need to make sure I complete Halo 5 first, the campaign at least.

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@fredchuckdave said:

@believer258: Ground Zeroes is the definition of "eh"

I mean, playing MGS V is still something I might do, but everything I've seen about the way those games deliver their stories just makes me go "nah". I've been meaning to watch Metal Gear Scanlon at some point, though.

EDIT: Back on topic - Dragon's Dogma comes out on PC in January and Xcom 2 and Deus Ex come out in February, so really there's stuff coming out for me to play all the way until then. When am I ever going to complete Pillars of Eternity!?