Of Beauty and Rage: All Man's Life (No Man's Sky)

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I played No Man's sky about six months after it was first released, before any major updates were added. Though frustrating, I found quite the gem in a game that had me fly around nearly aimlessly at worlds that are different but somehow seem the same. This may be a way out of date, but I found something of wonder in that old build.

The beauty of No Man's Sky is in its drudgery. Every planet, no matter how diverse, how hostile, or how placid, there is one thing common; you are dying, and it is just a matter of how long before you run out of life support.

Every trudge into a planet then becomes a repetition, the same old strokes.

  • Gather resources
  • Top up your life support
  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Top up your life support
  • Catalogue life forms
  • Top up your life support
  • Set your alarm
  • Brush your teeth
  • Take a shower
  • Eat breakfast so on...

It tells you something of this world and of all other worlds;

You do not belong here.

You are a stranger, a traveller, off to find your own Home, and yet never to find it.

Then maybe, just maybe, you were never meant for this existence. Maybe, just maybe, you were meant for Something more.