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There has been a lot of talk about people being offended by the content in video games. I love the talk. I love to hear the reasons people are offended and why. It helps me to understand more about the world around me and the people that inhabit it. So let's get this out of the way first: I have no problem with people voicing their displeasure about everything they can. That is a basic right that, I personally feel, every human-being on this big blue marble has. All people should be allowed to voice their discontent about anything no matter how big or small.

With that said I must say something about this whole debate that I find troubling. While I want everyone to voice their opinions about this medium I don't find it equally applicable that they should try and force a creator to their will. The right to artistic control belongs solely to the artist who is creating their work. Maybe it makes me weird but I'm more interested in the vision of the artist then I am in protecting the feelings of every human being on the planet. Because, in all reality, everything is offensive to somebody. The offense may be applicable to larger groups of people based on the subject matter but that does not make their issues any more or less important then the lone person who finds adorably fluffy puppies offensive.

I'm not saying that we should disregard all minorities. I just think that the artist has the right to choose to be all inclusive or not. If a person wants to make a story about sensitive subjects then they should be allowed to no matter the tone, the implications or the intent. I do not think it is right for people to force changes upon a creation against the creators will. The artist should only have to change their creation if they choose to. We are all free to dislike it, and voice our displeasure of it, but we should not be allowed to force our will upon others.

If you do not like the work of an artist then complain about it. Get on message boards, twitter and facebook and slap your discontent out on your keyboard until your fingers go numb. The artist can then decide to consider your criticism or not. But don't think for an instant that you should have control over another persons art.

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I couldn´t put it better myself. Artist have no duty of any kind to be inclusive and non offensive period.

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Couldn't agree more.

When anyone says, "I'm offended by [BLANK]," some others always assume that person wants artistic control or censorship. I'm certain some of the offendees really do want to destroy or isolate the thing they find offensive, and this groups is nearly always in the wrong, in my opinion.

But the all-too-common flippancy with which declarations of offense are received is nearly as troubling. Opinions matter, even when they disagree with our own.

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Well said.

I feel this equally applies to the Mass Effect 3 endings as well, mind you.

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Agreed, opinions matter but some tact is required. I feel like voicing your displeasure is a problem when you are trying to offend the author in return (say, with insults). If you try to offend someone because you feel offended, you are a hypocrite. It's another layer of egotism in addition to feeling entitled to artistic control as a consumer.

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