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Here's a list of games that I've played and about how long I played them., 
For MW2 it was about 4 months. 
For TF2 it was about 6 months, still play it every patch though.
For Guitar Hero 2 it was about 2 years.
For Rock Band it was about year. (actually these was mostly just local stuff and singleplayer)  
For WoW it was about 3 years. 
For GTA IV it was about 2 months. 
For MGO it was about 2 months. 
For WC3 it was a couple weeks because I jumped in when the skill level was so fucking high. 
For LBP it was about 4 months, still play off and on.     
For UC2 it was about a week. 
For RDR it was a few hours. 
For SFIV it was about 2 months.

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When I determine that I'm always right and everybody else is cheating or lagging.

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I don't get stuck in most MP's but when there's one I really enjoy I nest my ass there. Only reason I'm still not playing the U2 MP is because I lost my copy >=/

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It depends on the game. It could range from years to as little as one or two sessions depending on many different factors.

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I'm still playing MW2 and LBP. But on average I usually try something for a week or so. By that point I know whether I want to keep playing or not. 

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I always jump back in and out of multiplayer games. I usually put hundreds of hours into the good ones, such as COD2s multiplayer.

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It depends if any of my friends are still playing it, the thing that determines what platform I'll buy a game for is seeing who else will carry on playing it.

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Very few games hold my attention with their multiplayer for more than a month or so. CoD4 had me playing consistently for two years, and Team Fortress is close to three years now. But honestly I don't like playing with randoms, and most of my friends move on very quickly, so I either follow or play on my own. That and most multiplayer modes simply aren't deep enough to hold my attention for too long. 

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I tend to keep a game in each genre around.  So I usually play them until a better version comes out.  An example would be CoD 4, I played that for about 2 years.  Till MW 2 was released.   So on average, about 2 years for regular console releases and a lot more for PC MMO-RPGs.
A good MMO-RPG is very hard to come by.  So I stick with the one I like, for a long while.  Been with WoW for around 4 years.  Before that FFXI for 3.  So on.

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I played both COD 4 and MW2 for about 4-5 months before I quit.

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99.99% of games only keep me playing MP for a few weeks, if even that long.  A few days or 'never' is more appropriate.  However, there are some games that can bring me back years later, but they're rare.

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Usually once i get to the highest rank i cant have any interest in it anymore OR A game just really pisses me off to the point of not playing it anymore(MODERN WARFARE 2)

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A week or so except for SSFIV.  I'm not really an online kind of guy for the most part.

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@SJSchmidt93:  This question actually deserves a much more fleshed out answer. 
Games like the Battlefield Series, TF2, Day of Defeat Source, are games I either play for a year and come back to on a regular basis (or in the case of Battlefield) play each entry in the series until TF2 or Day of Defeat comes and steals the show again. That is until the next Battlefield comes out.
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i'll play online on my games occasionally as long as i own them. i never really "stop" playing them.

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I played MW2 multiplayer until BBC2 came out.  Currently I', playing Blacklight 

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Counter-Strike 1.6 lasted about 2-3 years.
Counter-Strike Source - another 2-3 years.
Team Fortress was about 7 months.
Team Fortress 2 - 3 months
Halo 3 - 1 year

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About a month.
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A week or two usually.

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a month
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I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop. 
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.  
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.   
Then I play them for ages, then get pissed then stop.  

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I play until my friends quit.

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Quit? I never quit the good ones. The bad ones I don't even bother with. I do take breaks from MP games to try others, but I usually come back sooner or later. Ex. Counter-Strike. 
However, there are some games that I used to like that I simply have no interest in playing anymore. Ex. Halo, CoD, Battlefield. 

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HL: Counter Strike - I dunno, MANY years. Since 1.3 or 1.4 until CS:S.
Counter Strike: Source - A year I think. 
WC3 - 2 years?  
WoW - One year
BF2 - 3 years  
MW1 (PC) - Couple of months
MW2 (X360) - Since launch (First console MP game I actually played a lot)

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Online games usually don't hold my attention for very long, because I never feel like I accomplish anything, because there's no story or anything. 

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Few weeks unless its very good, then it could be months or years (TF2, halo etc..)

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untill i get that achivement
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Few days.

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It depends on the game. For Call of Duty 4 I played that game religiously consistently throughout the years from March 2008 to early 2009 before making a switch to Gears of War 2 (only because my friends played that and only that back then). I played GTA IV for maybe 2-3 months and have been jumping on and off every so often. MW2 didn't last nearly as long as I'd liked to have.

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Not too long really. I don't play multiplayer too often. I'm more into singleplayer games. Maybe up to a month. And then maybe on and off for a year.

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i dont devote time to it. whenever i feel like playing a game i play it. 

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The number one game I play online is Magic the Gathering.  It's been out for little more than a year now and I still play it almost nightly. 

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Really depends on the game. I'd go back to play Gears of War (1) online, or Lost Planet online right now quite happily! Cod 4 aswell. Some games have timeless MP, due to the quality of it, and some... obviously don't.

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I rarely play online games in the sense of "Alright, time to play some COD" for an hour or so everyday. Usually I play games for looooong periods of time but only once a week or so. I played Halo 3 for about two years on a weekly basis, and MW2 has been on rotation since release. I'm also a major single-player fan, so if that part of their game sucks, I won't even boot up the multiplayer.

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Since before I'm in my momma belly.

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Gears 2 almost 2 years/

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I think most, and I mean like 9 out of 10 games that have a multiplayer component are garbage. They throw it in half assed and only a few games do it correctly that have staying-power. I've been playing online since like 2000, and I can maybe name 10 games that have MP that are worth a shit.

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Well: Halo 3 - 3 years come August. 
However that's an exception, normally I play for a few months, for instance MW2- 3 months until I got pissed off with it.

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It's rare that I bother with competitive multiplayer at all nowadays tbh.  I played about 50 hours of BC2, but that's pretty much it in the last few years.  If you've played one TDM shooter, you've played 'em all.

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A year or so on Modern Warfare.  Several years on Diablo II.  Don't really care for much else past the couple of hours mark.

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Usually until the next big multiplayer game comes out.

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i usually play for a couple of months. i've been playing modern warfare 2 for about 6 months or whenever it came out.

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COD4 for a year then occasionally on and off. 
Still play Uncharted 2 online. 
Any other game is usually for a few weeks.