Organizing NES Switch Online

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Hi all, not sure if this has been covered in a forum before, but I'm one of the people that is really enjoying the NES Switch online stuff, but I come from the relatively unique position of not having played almost any of these games before firsthand. I really wanted a NES classic but I knew with it just stuck to my tv I would never seriously dive into any of the games. I waited a year, and now I get the best of both worlds.

That said, organizing them has really been giving my anal brain a tough time. Because it's not a consistent number of new "boxes" each month, I'm always redoing my rows to keep them looking neat, but I still can't get the same amount in each row. I do mine alphabetically.

How do other people handle this? Also is anyone messing with the Famicom Switch Online? I have it just so I can check out the box art (and now they're getting games the NES isn't) but that's also a pain to organize.

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I've abstained from rearranging them at all to avoid the issue. It's not ideal, but at least it's neither my nor my obsessive compulsions fault.