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#51 Edited by Ronin147 (93 posts) -

PS2 anything that was really good on regualr XBOX is on PC (KOTOR 1 and 2, Halo2, Jade Empire, Morrowind, Fable, etc...)
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#52 Posted by Alexander (1760 posts) -

If you like the Tom Clancy games, Halo or Kotor etc. etc. then Xbox. 
Almost everything else you're better off getting a PS2. 
OR get a Gamecube with Twin Snakes.

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#53 Posted by REDRUN (1475 posts) -
@McBEEF:  Keep your 360 and buy some duct-tape and Crazy Glue; the cheap anti-theft deterrent. "That mofo ain't going nowhere."
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#54 Posted by TaccyP (311 posts) -

this thread makes no sense

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#55 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -
@Bombs_Away: Yeah Half Life 2 as well! I am still amazed at how well that game looks on the Xbox... Valve did and amazing job optimizing it. I remember that back then, I had this piece of crap computer so the only way I could play games like Morrowind or HL2 was on the Xbox version :P
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#56 Posted by CptChiken (2057 posts) -

i woulda kept the 360... i know about 20 people with them in my dorm and no one has ever even heard of anyone's 360 being stolen... seems like you a stupid

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#57 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1244 posts) -

No doubt, PS2.

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#58 Edited by Jeust (11739 posts) -
@Bones8677 said:

" PS2 is easy to find in stores. XBox has been discontinued so you would have to go through online stores for used units. PS2 is just a better system, however, be sure to take note what kind of games you like. As each game plays to each system's strengths and weaknesses. "

Every hardware or software for the xbox will hard and pricey to get, as there are very few units around. Remember that. 
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#59 Posted by killerjigglypuff (138 posts) -

ps2 all the way becasue the only truly great thing about the original xbox was fable and halo... which are for sale for PC.. plus ps2 has sly cooper which is an epic win all by itself:D
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#60 Posted by KuwabaraTheMan (169 posts) -

The PS2 is arguably the best console ever made, while the Xbox was easily the weakest console in its own generation. There's not even really a question as to which console is better.

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#61 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

get a ps2
and seriously, just get your Xbox 360 back, you dumb shit.

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#62 Posted by jakob187 (22938 posts) -

PS2...because it has Dark Cloud 2.

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#63 Posted by nick69 (639 posts) -

PS2 for sure. 
I still have mine from 2000 sitting right under my 360.

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#64 Posted by Wipeout (291 posts) -

PS2, no question.  There's a GIANT LIBRARY of ps2 games behind me against the wall.  Three full racks.  The xbox collection takes up half of one shelf....lame.

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#65 Posted by chrissedoff (2359 posts) -

buy an xbox, then sell it, then a ps2 and then sell that problem solved

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#66 Posted by AgentJ (8995 posts) -

I think this choice should be easy. PS2

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#67 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -

Playstation 2 still has games on shelves in stores. Should be pretty obvious. : )

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#68 Posted by TheHT (14454 posts) -

playstation 2.

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#69 Posted by LiquidS (979 posts) -

Just take a deck of cards with you if you think your stuff is going to get stolen or broken. 
Cheap to replace and fun for hours on end.
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#70 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -

The original Xbox is the most boring home console I have ever owned, by a long margin.  As a console it is even more boring than the PSP and that says a lot.  Take out PGR and Forza and couple of WRPG and it had nothing that got me playing any length of time.  The PS2 was WAY better for variety and goodness.   
I say, get a Wii and go the Gamecube games, plus some Wii action.  Clearly everyone hates the Wii, so if it gets stolen, no-one cares  :/

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#71 Posted by kishan6 (1986 posts) -

I know this is blasphemy but i liked the xbox better than ps2 however ps2was really good as well

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#73 Edited by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

Personally, the Xbox was a better multiplayer game. I'd get the Xbox and a copy of Halo/Halo 2 and a bunch of controllers on the cheap.

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#74 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1417 posts) -
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#75 Posted by Chaser324 (8130 posts) -

Locking down this ancient thread.