Out of these, which one do you think is the best horror or horror themed game?

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Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) 10 months, 30 days ago

Poll: Out of these, which one do you think is the best horror or horror themed game? (178 votes)

Alien Isolation 25%
Dead Rising (1) 6%
The Evil Within 2 5%
Fatal Frame 3%
Fatal Frame 2 7%
Parasite Eve 4%
Parasite Eve 2 1%
Resident Evil 7 23%
Until Dawn 25%

I don't know if it's because Halloween is coming up or they were talking about A Nightmare on Elm Street on last week's Beastcast but horror games and the horror genre in general has been on my mind. I'm curious how the new Halloween movie will turn out. Anyway, which of these did you like the most and what did you like about it? Please no spoilers if you can.

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oh shoot, forgot to add a show me option.

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#2 Posted by lokihellfire2008 (160 posts) -

The feeling of being hunted in Alien Isolation is terrifying. Your weapons are largely ineffective at dealing with your foe, and knowing that it is a roaming AI threat adds to the sense of impending doom.

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#3 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2657 posts) -

Alien Isolation and Fatal Frame (the first one) are two of the scariest games I've ever played. Never played enough FF2 to have an opinion on it but I imagine it's the same way. I should play Alien again, though...that game with a good sound system will fry your nerves.

RE7 and Evil Within 2 are arguably more fun to play in terms of controls and mechanics. The Parasite Eve games are also great. I would barely consider the first one a horror game, but the second one is basically Resident Evil: The RPG and is one of my all-time favorites.

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Silent Hill 3 is my all time favorite but out of these its Fatal Frame 2. I've always preferred the never ending sense of dread J-horror has to Western horror's more thrill ride-ish tendencies, and both of those have that in spades.

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Alien Isolation is, in my opinion, a top-10 horror game of all time. It gets everything about Alien--its world, its atmosphere, the slow and unpredictable terror--so very right. And even though its runtime can be exhausting, I never feel it rests for too long on its foundational laurels. The game is always adding new wrinkles, new tweaks to the ruleset you can use to interact/hide/defend yourself from the Xenomorph.

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I think all of those do horror elements very well in some regards (Horror comedy in the case of Dead Rising or super campiness via Until Dawn) and I think most if not all have something of value. However, if we're talking which ones are the most horrifying, or the scariest for my money it's Alien, RE7, or Fatal Frame 2. FF2 and Alien I still haven't finished honestly because as much as I love them they get to be too much for me at some point and I have to put them down. Three fantastic games.

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Alien Isolation because it breaks the "nothing can harm a player hiding deep in a ventilation duct" rule most games have. Damn near crapped my pants the first time a Xenomorph nabbed me inside a vent. Also, sci-fi horror rules.

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#8 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1670 posts) -

I feel like I really enjoy horror games, but haven't played most of these... I may need to reevaluate my priorities. Of the choices available that I've played I'd vote Alien Isolation.

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#9 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

Amnesia. But on that list I vote for Fatal Frame.

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#10 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

I don't play horror games much but Until Dawn is the best use of the Quantic Dream-style formula to date and executes that cheesy B-movie schlock vibe better than any other game I can think of.

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#11 Posted by Wemibelle (2649 posts) -

Fatal Frame 2 is one of the most all-around fantastic survival horror games out there: great atmosphere, fun gameplay, good pacing, memorable voice acting (in a era filled with awful VO), and a really interesting story. While I think classics like Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 2 are more memorable and beat out FF2 in some ways, I can't name a more complete package than Fatal Frame 2.

However, all of the games on your list are fantastic in their own ways. Alien Isolation is easily the best modern horror game and absolutely blew me away when I first played it. Until Dawn is a creative twist on the genre and is a lot of cheesy fun. The Evil Within 2 is maybe the strongest post-RE4 third-person game and is very much worth seeing (although I might argue playing the original first). RE7 is the only one I might disagree with, as I felt is was vastly overrated and mostly apes the good elements from other horror games while not quite pulling it all off.

Really though, you can't go wrong with any of these titles.

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#12 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

Out of those? RE7. It's a fantastic horror game and the triumphant return of a franchise that had lost its way

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Of those, Isolation was the most stressful (in the good, scary way), but RE7 wins it for me. It might not have normally, but I played it in VR, and it was such a singular experience that I'll never forget. It wasn't particularly scary after the first third, but it was still incredible to play through.

The Fatal Frame games deserve a nod too, though. Easily the most unsettling of that style of survival horror. And Until Dawn is just cool as hell.

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#14 Posted by Karmosin (379 posts) -

Fatal Frame is my favorite out of those. Specifically the first one. Second one is good too, but not as varied enemy-wise, and not a fan of the changes to the combat-system. FF3 is kinda best of both worlds, but I recommend playing 1 and 2 first since they tie into 3.

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#15 Posted by johnnyspectre (85 posts) -

No Silent Hill?

No Dead by Daylight?

Out of the choices, I guess it's Fatal Frame.

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#16 Posted by cikame (2910 posts) -

I picked The Evil Within, but only because Cry of Fear wasn't in the list.

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#17 Posted by nutter (2289 posts) -

Out of that list? Alien. They nail the cat and mouse aspect in that game. It’s amazing. It’s too long, but it’s very much worth playing for 5-10 hours.

I love Dead Rising, but it doesn’t ever feel like horror. It’s stressful if you’re being a completionist, but the tone it goofy.

Fatal Frame is great, too.

I didn’t like Until Dawn at all. It was more modern-day-fun-teen-slasher than real horror. It had its moments, but the characters didn’t do it for me, there was zero suspense, and the jump scares were silly and not at all startling.

Silent Hill 1 and 2 are amazing if you can find a solid was to play them (don’t bother with the HD remaster).

Oh, and PT is terrifying.

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#19 Posted by ATastySlurpee (679 posts) -

My personal favorite horror game is Dead Space 1, but the only one I've played on the list is Dead Rising 1 and its not scary...at all..

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#20 Posted by Sahalarious (796 posts) -

Dead Space. but evil within 2 deserves your time

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#21 Posted by FarleysLundgren (205 posts) -

Resident Evil 7, although it really goes downhill in the second half. Still worth playing through.

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#22 Posted by vdortizo (287 posts) -

Fun horror -> Until Dawn

Scary horror -> Alien Isolation

I loved every second of those two games...

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#23 Posted by BallsLeon (566 posts) -

Surprised Amnesia didn't make the cut.

But for me personally I like the fun horror (think Evil Dead 2), Dead Rising wins out with Until Dawn being a very close second.

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#24 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

I have to give my vote to Until Dawn. It combines a fun slasher authentic with nice graphics and an easy to grasp gameplay.

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#25 Posted by butterstick1 (44 posts) -

Evil Within 2 is so underrated, especially on this list.

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For a while I couldn't play Penumbra Overture as it freaked me out too much. That was some time ago though... Off this list, Resident Evil 7

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#27 Posted by MeierTheRed (5975 posts) -

It's a shame Amnesia and Outlast aren't on the list. But out of those games i would vote for RE7. It's just very well done.

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Any reason for these specific games? There's a handful more that I would recommend over these, Silent Hill 1/2/3, Amnesia, Soma, RE2, Outlast, etc. Maybe you played all those lol.

I picked Dead Rising, not scary but fun once you make it past that initial hard learning curve.

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@superslidetail: These are the horror games in my backlog I'm most interested in and yeah, I've played a lot of the other ones being mentioned that's not in the poll.

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#30 Posted by superslidetail (454 posts) -

Ok, cool. Are the Parasite Eve games considered horror? I've never played them because I thought they were a heavy RPG type of game.

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#31 Posted by FarleysLundgren (205 posts) -

@superslidetail: Parasite Eve is a bit goofy, but it is horror themed. It's sort of a mix between RE style survival horror and a JRPG.