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my name is Stephane Valverde and I'm the developer of Paper Dungeons.

This game is a new kind of Puzzle Dungeon Crawling game. Try to picture a Puzzle RPG, like a Nethack clone with more strategy, where you can play infinity of online levels created by players, awesome isn't it?

I've been using Unity3D to make this new game. Check the website, and grab the latest news about the game's development.

Latest and hottest Paper Dungeons project new: I now have a nice game prototype going on and have launched a crowd funding page set up at This page is up for only 30 days (till the 26th Dec.) to help us finish the game.

If you can spread up the info, or contribute by pre-ordering the game, it will be a huge help for us. Here’s the link to share around:

I have the chance to work with my wife, who's also a great graphic designer.

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Here is a screenshot of the game in 1680x1050 resolution:

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The game is based on a paper grid like the old pen and paper RPGs, where you simply pull out a piece of paper to draw the walls, monsters, items for your players to dive into the adventure.

With this idea in mind, the level editor we implemented is the core of the project.

This aspect has been quite polished to enable a fast an easy mapping out of any level you can think of. After that, players can share those levels on our server. They can also play, download, tag, rate and comment other levels posted by the community.

Paper Dungeons is a single player game boosted with online content.

For example, once you have completed the 120 campaign levels, the game isn’t finished! You can start a brand new campaign, which will be generated with the numerous online levels posted by the community.

This kind of feature will be available with the 3 different game modes I want to implement: PUZZLE/RPG/ROGUE. So the players get access to a never ending game.

Here is a screenshot of the actual level editor:

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Paper Dungeons is designed to be multiplatform, starting with a release on PC and if we get enough funds, MAC then iPhone, iPad, Android and Linux.

If we can raise enough funds, the beta is planned for March 2013, and the final game for June 2013.

Any comments on this project are very much appreciated as well!!

More very soon...

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Stephane Valverde

Ulule Campaign:





Twitter: @PaperDungeons

Skype: agent.mega

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Best of luck with your game, but please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!