Parents who play video games?

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#51 Posted by dstopia (366 posts) -

My dad used to. He introduced me to a ton of video games when I was a kid, buying me an NES and a Genesis, plus installing all sorts of games in his old Intel 386 for both of us to play. When he started using a Mac (with the old pre-OS X operating system) we played 1v1 Marathon together a lot. He later got back to Windows and was the person to introduce me to such landmark titles as Deus Ex and Far Cry while I was spending my time with JRPGs in the Playstation.

After he remarried and had my little sister (and later my little brother), it was very difficult for him to keep up with games. He's shown a little interest as of late, but alas I don't live home anymore so I'm not there to help guide him.

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My dad is a dinosaur (I'm no spring chicken either) but back in the 90s he fell in love with a version of solitaire for Windows called "Golf". He must have logged hundreds of hours playing it. That was the extent of his gaming hobby.

I am also a parent who plays video games, though being a parent really cuts into video game time. I finish about one game a month these days. If I'm lucky.

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My parents are not really into video games at all. When my kids were younger, my mom did play Wii Sports with her grandkids, but that is about it. They both have an appreciation for realistic graphics. The last game I showed them was Battlefront (2015), and they were impressed by how much it captured the look of the Star Wars movies.

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#54 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (384 posts) -

I'm a parent that plays games. I'd be alright with not ever seeing minecraft stories again.

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My parents who are in their 60's don't play any games. However, my dad use to. He started with NES Golf back in the day, when we got a Genesis it was PGA Tour Golf III and finally a PS1, Tiger Woods 99. After that he fell off out of gaming. My mom never got into it. They both prefer TV or reading.

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#56 Posted by deactivated-5aa7cc9892e50 (15 posts) -

Before I was born my mother played a lot of video games on the NES, her favorites personally being Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania. However once my siblings and I were born she obviously didn't as much time to devote to play games. Eventually when we were old enough she just gave us her old gaming systems the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. Although she still plays games off and on usually if she wants to hang out or wants to try out something I got in recently that looks fun. She recently enjoyed playing Mario Party 3 and GoldenEye 007 (N64) afterwards she wanted me to help her look for prices on an N64 for her to possibly get one. Although I suggested she could simply borrow mine she wants her own, I feel she wants to play games regularly but she just doesn't have the side cash let alone time for them like she use to. I am still trying to eventually get her an NES Classic for her and me so she can enjoy her old NES games again on the big tv she has.

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I'm 40, I've got two daughters (20 and 17). I've played games most of my life. Took about a 7 year break when my kids were born. Got back into it about 10 years ago when me and their mom split up. It was one of the things me and the kids could do together. We all still play games but not together so much anymore.

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My mother played my gamecube so much she bought one for herself after I took it back. She was addicted to Super Mario Sunshine, but she'd get to some point in the game, hit a wall, then ERASE HER SAVE, and then just start back from the beginning like it was no big thing. It was shocking to me at first, but I got over it when she'd do the same for Little Big Planet and Rayman Legends on PS3 later.

Completion and moving on to the next thing were never really big for her, so she'd at least get the best bang-for-the-buck that you could expect. Although generally, she'd buy her console and borrow games off me.

My mother has been a gamer as long as I remember. I grew up in a house with both a Commodore 64 and several Amiga PCs. She was also very active in the local computer club, so we always had a supply of games of suspicious origin.

She beat Link to the Past and Sonic 1 & 2 before I could ever wrap my head around those games. Funny how going back to them these days both feels comforting and is something of a measuring stick for my own personal growth.

We also had an Atari 2600 that I never saw her play, and we briefly had a ColecoVision in the house, at least long enough to lose a controller in a dresser drawer and fascinate me for years.

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My mom hogged my Game Boy a lot as a kid to play Tetris. Now she plays a ton of Facebook match 3 games. I also introduced her to Drop 7.

I never knew my dad, but i discovered his intellevision when we moved in my teens, but my mom gave it away before I could hook it up >.>

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My parents used to play, but don't as often anymore. I know my mom was a big Half Life fan, and we still play Mario Kart together once in a while.

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#62 Posted by Rigas (848 posts) -

@emmamoule: I didn't know spambots could have children.

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My parents never Dad would be 110 if he was alive and my Mom 102....I am 58 and have been playing since the 70's. As long as Atari and games like breakout and asteroids at the pinball arcade count. Otherwise it would be the Gameboy(My wife and I would play Tetris on long flights) and SNES my wife gifted me at Xmas. Always liked playing at night after a hard day at work.

My daughter is about to get married, and they both game all the time. I got her addicted to PC gaming by the time she was 3 ;) We had great times playing Lego Star Wars, when she wasn't studying or practicing her instruments...Later on her workload was too heavy to fit gaming in. Had to wait till after college before she got back into it.

I generally use it as an excuse to build or upgrade my PC which is one of my hobbies. I also have consoles that I barely use, Snes classic(For Super Metroid), Snes original, Game Cube, Wii, PS3 and PS4 I got just to play RD2

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I'm going to chime in here like I usually do when I see posts about old guys. I'm 55 and play something like 10-15 hours/week.

Neither of my kids, both mostly grown, are especially attached to gaming, so I'm the gamer kid in my family :-)