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It was a long awaited wait but i finally got to see Watch Dogs at PAX. It was an 8 minute presentation of the game. First couple minutes was about the developers. Watching that, I have to say, was pretty cool. He explained the story and thoughts behind the making of Watch Dogs. It's supposed to be a game where you can control EVERYTHING. Hack anything, steal anything, and know everything about everyone. You are in control of it all. Moving on to the gameplay it was definatly good. Reminded me of Assassins Creed meets GTA, but in a good way. The movements were definatly from Assassins Creed. The visuals as well. But the story was captivating. I really enjoyed the idea. It's a totally new spin on a game. Having control of power grids, anything eletrical, and banks accounts. It was a great experience and a day 1 buy for me. More Impressions blogs coming soon. So long til next time.