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So I'm looking for more people in the gaming industry to "follow" online. I want to follow people across the gaming industry on social networks like twitter and tumbler and other blogging websites. The people can be from anywhere in the industry as long as they are interesting. So gaming media, developers, personalities, etc. Right now I follow a few GB personalities on twitter.

  1. Who do you follow on twitter?
  2. What blogs/personal websites do you go to?
  3. What other ways do you follow people of the industry?
  4. Why do you follow them/find them interesting?
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Jaffe is a good follow.. @davidscottjaffe

McElroy can be funny.. Though lately I've been likely the Polygon guys less.. @JustinMcElroy @aegies @pkollar

Rey Gutierrez posts a lot of cool stuff.. @r3yguti3rr3z

Jim Sterling can be funny @JimSterling

I like the CheapAssGamer guys... @Shipwreck @CheapyD

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@methodman008: Yeah I really like Jaffe, its just he can be a bit spammy on twitter. I do watch/read a lot of Jim Sterlings content, but he can also be a bit obnoxious on twitter.

Thats the thing about twitter, I hate getting spammed and have my feed filled up with garbage. Its okay once in awhile to go off on something but some people tweet waaaaaaay to much. Like I generally like when they just tweet to there newest piece of content/blog or whatever. Mind you I follow Greg Miller and Jeff and was getting my feed filled with nothing but wings talk the other night, but its not like they do it all the time so I was okay with it, plus love them to death. On the other hand I had to unfollow Cliff Bleszinski because he just tweeted to much nonsense but I still find him really interesting and read his blog occasionally.

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i dont follow anyone online, i mean what's the point? but that's juss me

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Kamiya, Jaffe, Erik Kain