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Let’s rally behind this. I think CVS still carries that stuff.

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For those of you also confused by this, OP is talking about getting Jeff to dye blonde the tips of his hair, and i think CVS is a store where you can buy hair dye, and not Capcom vs SNK.

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I'd really rather not.

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Definitely lol'd at this, but I'm also down for the action.

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I am not entirely sure which stream you're referring to (though from what I understand he'll be playing Tony Hawk at some point?) And back when he did the review for some of the games, he had frosted tips which is why you want it back? Also, I don't care what he does. I doubt he'd want to do that.

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That would be hilarious.

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Sure, for old time's sake.

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@htr10: I could actually go for a Wendy's frosty right now. Hell, maybe even one of those McDonald's espresso sundaes.

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@ntm: I mean, your post is accurate. Except that he probably DOES want to do that but societal norms won't let him.

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Wasn't Jeff dying his hair a joke when he did it at the time?

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Sure you got my vote.

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Or full blonde. Also the dirtbag magician on the loveboat look:

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Also great hair:

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Cake frosting on hair isn't something I'd recommend.

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Only if he is wearing a Limp Bizkit T-shirt and Jnco jeans. Gotta commit 100% to the bit.

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Can we get a petition to get Jeff some frozen nips instead.

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That head of hair does not need chemical poured on it, unless you want him to look like Homer Simpson.

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Maybe Jan should do it, he seems to be into the hottest of hair trends