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Posted by Kidavenger (4417 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Pick your poison: Alcohol or Video games, you can only pick one and the other will be forever unavailable to you. (857 votes)

Give me alcohol 9%
Video games forever 91%

Choose wisely.

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#1 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

I choose death over a cold sober non video game world.


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#2 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Easy, I couldn't care less about alcohol.

I'll keep my games, thanks.

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#3 Posted by Casepb (674 posts) -

I like to drink a beer every now and then, but video games are life for me. I think I would have killed myself long ago if it weren't for video games.

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#4 Edited by tatsuyarr (245 posts) -

Easy choice, I don't drink alcohol, ever.

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#5 Posted by Relkin (1166 posts) -

I'd stick with games. At most I have a glass of some sort of whiskey once or twice a month, so it wouldn't be a big loss.

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#6 Posted by Nev (778 posts) -

I've never drink any alcohol, and have no interest in doing so. Easy choice, video games!

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#7 Posted by notnert427 (2207 posts) -

This is legit one of the hardest questions I've ever seen. I figure I could drown my sorrows of a hellish video game-less world in alcohol, but not the other way around, so I voted booze.

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#8 Posted by superpow (276 posts) -

Alcohol is overrated.

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#9 Posted by htr10 (1048 posts) -

Drinking a beer and playing a video game in the evening is pretty great. The right answer is to give up the alcohol though, because you could always switch to pot.

I’m kidding!...in most states.

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#10 Posted by OurSin_360 (6161 posts) -

I don't really drink sooo...

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#11 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2961 posts) -

Come on man. Am I on a video game site, or am I on a booze site?

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#12 Edited by Mike (17993 posts) -

I imagine that when I'm 75 years old I'd rather sit there and drink than sit there and play video games. Games aren't that big of a deal, just go outside more, it's pretty cool.

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#13 Posted by nicksmi56 (835 posts) -

Dude. Games. Definitely games.

Alcohol is gross.

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#14 Posted by Maxszy (2377 posts) -

Games for sure.

Alcohol is great in many ways, no doubt. I very much enjoy my wine that being said, I can live without it. Not being able to play any games, anytime, ever at all, would be hard when they're much a part of who I am!

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#15 Posted by MundaneSoul (74 posts) -

Got old enough a few years ago that I couldn't do hangovers anymore. Video games all the way.

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#16 Posted by Nick (1039 posts) -

i was going to say that i can't believe video games are winning by so much, but then again this is a video games forum.

i would personally choose alcohol. i don't play a lot of video games these days, i don't have many friends that do either. i go out and grab a drink once or twice a week, it's a good excuse to hang out with friends, and some of the best memories of my life have involved alcohol whereas none have involved video games. alcohol is the definite choice for me.

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#17 Posted by brandondryrock (890 posts) -

Nothing better than sitting down at the PC after work, loading up a game and opening a cold beer. This is a hard question...

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#18 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2634 posts) -

They've both gotten me through a lot of hard times, and continue to do so. I'd have to go with alcohol, though. It allows me to be more social.

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#19 Posted by SeriuzBiznus (158 posts) -

As a non-drinker, this is probably the easiest poll I've ever answered on the website.

Not judging but I'm curious for anyone that does vote alcohol - why? Socialising, relaxing and something to take your mind off anything can all be achieved through video games with none of the downsides of alcohol.

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#20 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (3014 posts) -

Considering I have an average of like 10 drinks a year (all of which being at family holiday gatherings), this is an easy one.

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#21 Posted by Bill_McNeal (826 posts) -

I like my bourbon, but I think I like vidja games more

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#22 Edited by BelowStupid (496 posts) -

Both are awesome, and both are amazing to come back to after putting them away for awhile. But I've been playing games for twenty years, drinking for about nine, if I need to get a buzz I'll just throw some glue and sharpies in a paper bag and have a good time.

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#23 Posted by Y2Ken (2944 posts) -

I enjoy quite a few different types of alcohol, but I drink very infrequently. Even if I did drink more, I'd still pick games. Basically anything I do that could involve alcohol works fine without it; compared to losing an entire creative medium, and possibly my favourite one at that, not having drinks seems like a minor issue.

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#24 Posted by kindgineer (3102 posts) -

Easy, games. Alcohol provides me nothing and games provide me enjoyment.

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#25 Posted by Zirilius (1700 posts) -

I've done enough drinking to last a lifetime and quit drinking about 4 years ago. I still have a lifetime of video games to play.

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#26 Posted by triviaman09 (1032 posts) -

Goodbye games

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#27 Posted by deactivated-5a923fc7099e3 (534 posts) -

No alcohol is easy. I have been praticaly completely dry for years now. I like getting a bit buzzed but I have always had a weak stomach so my hangovers tend to be very much like a deterrent. I guess I had my fill of toilet hugging over the years.

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#28 Posted by hajen (10 posts) -

who cares about alcohol when we got that sweet weed.

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#29 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1298 posts) -

Games for sure.

There are other drugs we can enjoy besides booze.

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#30 Edited by GoodEyeClosed (24 posts) -

Where's the enjoyment in playing video games if you can't be slamming back them crushmosas at the same time?

I'd go with alcohol. First, my husband doesn't play video games, but he does drink, so we can enjoy that together. Also, games can be an isolating hobby whereas drinking generally gets me out of the house and together with friends. And, as mentioned above, games are just *way* more enjoyable with a nice cold drink or two.

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#31 Posted by BigWookie (27 posts) -

I can see an earlier version of myself picking one or the other depending on my age. Before I was 16 it would have been games. My 16 to 30 year old self would have picked alcohol for sure. Not sure what by 30-40 year old self would have said - I guess it could have gone either way. However, I am over 40 now and my current pick would be games - alcohol has totally lost is luster. However, don't hold me to this pick - my 50 year old self might turn out to be a total booze hound!

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#32 Edited by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I don't drink anyway so this is a pretty easy choice for me...

Loading Video...

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#33 Posted by Lanechanger (1681 posts) -

Vote went exactly how I thought it would!

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#34 Posted by Humanity (18731 posts) -

I drink alcohol once or twice a week and I play games every single day

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#35 Posted by owack6 (346 posts) -

Does cooking alcohol count? because that's a harder choice.

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#36 Posted by takayamasama (1547 posts) -

I barely drink so this is like a non question. Games for sure

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#37 Posted by geirr (3759 posts) -

I finally get to be in the majority for once.
( ̄▽ ̄)

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#38 Posted by cikame (2795 posts) -

I don't like the taste of alcohol, so it's pretty simple for me.

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#39 Posted by SgtSphynx (2617 posts) -

I really like beer, but that would be super easy to give up. A world without video games sounds incredibly boring.

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#40 Posted by mikewhy (335 posts) -

I have like a beer a week, and that's when you average multiple weeks. Non-alcoholic beer exists too, if you want the flavour.

Video games, hands down.

Now, if this was #WEED3 vs Video Games, then we'd have a problem.

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#41 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1368 posts) -

Video games, no question. I'm a 30 year old man who might drink a Guinness or some whiskey now and then, but I would have no trouble never having a drop of alcohol ever again.

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#42 Posted by forkboy (1650 posts) -

If they take away booze then I will have to take up new drugs. I don't really fancy weed. Legalise LSD or heroin please.

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#43 Posted by Blackout62 (2190 posts) -

Booze for sure. I can get somewhere in life with booze. Video games are just an enjoyable impediment from all things I could achieve.

It’s not even noon yet and I could really go for a drink now. You can have a Screwdriver for brunch, right?

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#44 Posted by Efesell (4478 posts) -

I do not drink so it is extremely simple to choose, if cheating.

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#45 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

I like whisky every now and then, but other than that, meh. Give me video games forever! It would be a sad world without them.

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#46 Posted by habster3 (3685 posts) -

Booze. Social life, wide variety of flavor profiles, etc. I really appreciate good video games, but I don't game nearly enough for this to be much of a contest (although that wasn't always the case).

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#47 Posted by Acura_Max (763 posts) -

You are on a video game hobby site. So video games.

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#48 Posted by ripelivejam (13165 posts) -

You can pry my cold Coors Light from my even colder dead hands!!!

(Video games :( )

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#49 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Video games. Easy choice since for me, I've had 3 drinks in the past 5 years.

Although I may be turning on it... Having rum and eggnog this Christmas Eve may have been the first time I've actually enjoyed alcohol.

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#50 Posted by cyberbloke (178 posts) -

I rarely touch alcohol nowadays. It's no fun with young children around.