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Posted by lukos (102 posts) 4 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Pile of shame, what should I play first? (185 votes)

Ico & Shadow of The Colossus HD 30%
AC: Revelations 3%
Bulletstorm 11%
Final Fantasy XIII 5%
Fallout New Vegas 23%
Dead Space 2 15%
Darksiders 14%

I have a huge pile of shame, this are only the PS3 games of said pile, and I want take care of it. The tough choice is where to begin so I decided to let you pick for me.

The poll will start today and tomorrow I'll start the game that wins.

Thanks for the help.

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#1 Posted by Danteveli (1420 posts) -

If you own them all and dont want to go from the worst to the best you can start with Dead Space 2 since its really good game that is not too long and with a bit of luck you may still be able to try the multiplayer.

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#2 Posted by DarkShaper (1378 posts) -

You can bang out Bulletstorm in a day or two, so I would start there.

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#3 Posted by Gamer_152 (14501 posts) -

Bulletstorm is a pretty decent game you can get through quickly without much hassle, I'd go for that first.

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#4 Posted by bibamatt (1129 posts) -

Yeah, Bulletstorm is fairly short and an absolute BLAST. You should definitely start there. Final Fantasy XIII is so long... I actually like it, but in the time it takes you to play that, you could have played Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2 and Darksiders and crossed almost half of your list off.

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#5 Posted by D_Bones (422 posts) -

I voted Darksiders but New Vegas would also be an acceptable choice.

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#6 Posted by jaffaz (193 posts) -

I also voted for Darksiders, its a good starting place on that list. Good way to step back into it. Im smashing through my Shame Pile at the moment an regretting skipping a few titles -- especially Spec Ops: The Line which is fantastic.

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#7 Posted by Krockett (521 posts) -

I say Ico & Shadow of the Colossus. Some of my favorites.

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#8 Posted by AmateurWriter (8 posts) -

Ico + SOTC is the only game on that list I would play if I hadn't yet.

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#9 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus because:

  1. They are both pretty short.
  2. The are both great (ok I need to play Ico but people say it's amazing)
  3. Both are very unique
  4. If you are interested in the kind of thing both are brought up when people talk about "games as art."
  5. Shadow of the Colossus is so fucking rad.
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#10 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (475 posts) -

Isn't it obvious?!

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#11 Edited by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus because they're the best... or maybe keep them for last because they're the best?

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#12 Posted by lukos (102 posts) -

One thing I forgot no mention in the first post, I've already played Ico & Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2, however I want to play them in HD.

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#13 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2485 posts) -

Play Fallout: New Vegas as it's too good to pass up, just be prepared to restart your PS3 every half an hour.

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#14 Edited by Jeust (11739 posts) -

@bibamatt said:

Yeah, Bulletstorm is fairly short and an absolute BLAST.


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#15 Posted by Zebracal (75 posts) -

Go with Darksiders first, then go with Bulletstorm.

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#16 Posted by BaneFireLord (3264 posts) -

If you have a bunch of time you wanna kill, Fallout's the way to go.

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#17 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Darksiders, Fallout New Vegas, and AC Revelations are the ones I've beat on that list, so I would obviously suggest those. Especially New Vegas, which is one of my favorite games ever. Though the PS3 is the worst platform for the game, I've heard it fairs much better than 3 did.

Bulletstorm is alright too, but I got bored with it about 80% through the game.

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#18 Posted by Camoufrage (90 posts) -

Shadow of the Collosus and ICO, hands down. Though I know how you feel, I still got a copy of the HD collection sitting around I've hardly touched.

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#19 Posted by Miketakon (535 posts) -

Darksiders aka the Swiss Army knife of games.

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#20 Posted by rentacop (116 posts) -

AC: Rev just to get the ending of that part of the story if you've been enjoying it so far. If not then the ICO collection is a good choice.

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#21 Edited by lukos (102 posts) -

I'm a little surprise that AC: Revelations is the last game, it seems that you guys didn't enjoy it at all. I confess that I just want to finish for the story.

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#22 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

Bulletstorm is one of the most fun FPS games in recent memory

@lukos said:

I'm a little surprise that AC: Revelations is the last game, it seems that you guys didn't enjoy it at all. I confess that I just want to finish for the story.

But when the story itself is ashamed of calling itself a decent story, it ceases to be a story and thus you shouldn't care about it.

Nah mean?

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#23 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -

Have you played Fallout 3? If not, start New Vegas. If you have I'd probably say Revelations if you are interested at all in black flag, just so you are up to date for the release.

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#24 Posted by skrutop (3812 posts) -

Bulletstorm. Get it out of your system early or it will just sit there forever.

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#25 Posted by Nightriff (7157 posts) -

This list is too similar to mine...or at least mine from a year ago....play darksiders, great game

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#26 Edited by Jothel (1017 posts) -

*reads thread title* hey it's not nice to call us collectively a "pile of shame" =(…

Also you should play shadow of the colossus definitely

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#27 Edited by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I'd go Bulletstorm first because it's relatively short and fun throughout as long as you don't try and take it seriously. I'd follow it up with Darksiders to get you in the mood for some older games, then finish with Ico and SoTC.

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#28 Posted by gogosox82 (452 posts) -

You can beat darksiders in a couple of days if you focus on it. Then i'd probably play bulletstorm. I've never played it but I've heard its pretty short so you could probably beat it in a day or two.

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#29 Posted by lukos (102 posts) -

The pol is over and this are the results:

Ico & Shadow of The Colossus HD 29%

Fallout New Vegas 23%

Dead Space 2 16%

Darksiders 14%

Bulletstorm (Your vote) 11%

Final Fantasy XIII 5%

AC: Revelations 4%

Thanks guys, I'll start Ico & Shadow of the Colossus today.

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#30 Edited by EVO (4029 posts) -

If you've already played ICO & SOTC I recommend Dead Space 2.

And forget FFXIII, the only pile that belongs on is a pile of trash.

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#31 Posted by RedCricketChase (462 posts) -

I voted New Vegas. Looove that writing ^ ^