Plants Vs. Zombies 3 announced by EA

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EA is going back to the well and says that PvZ3 is well under way, with a pre-alpha launching soon on Android devices. I loved PVZ but never got too far into PVZ2; something about having to obscure the screen to drag your units onto the field felt like a huge step back from the mouse/keyboard interface of the first game, and of course the nickel-and-diming of microtransactions didn't make the game feel very complete on the base level without having to buy more inventory slots and etc. Nothing about the announcement makes me think that PVZ3 will be all that different from PVZ2, though; it looks like it'll be another mobile-only thingamabob that might be fun to play around with for an hour or two before the difficulty ramp gets so extreme that it's difficult to progress unless you buy something. I guess we'll find out soon!

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Oh my god I totally forgot about PvZ2. I remember them announcing it and saying it was an Apple exclusive for a bit, so I just tuned out.

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@joedangerous: I remember liking it well enough for the first few levels but it started getting pretty punitively difficult and there was a slot for plants that was only available via purchase right at the outset which put me off it pretty quick.

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Yeah, after a while, my impression of PvZ 2 became that each new area was surprisingly hard, and I think each update only added a small amount of new free plant types to use. All other plant types were locked behind actual money purchases, and there was no way to grind for them. The free grind currency did almost nothing important, so after a while it just felt unrewarding to play since I was mostly just grinding out levels with the same plants.

The original PC game had a much better difficulty curve and overall feel (though that last zone on the roof was kinda garbage).

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I’m not really interested in Popcap styled games that lean so hard on microtransactions as PvZ 2 and Garden Warfare 2. I hope this isn’t that, but it’s EA. Of course they’re going to prop up a good game’s corpse by stuffing it full of microtransactions.

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Loved the first game, but never got into the second. Maybe I'll check this out, but I'm not hopeful considering how PvZ 2 was designed.