platonic paranoia [trailer has to be seen]

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i dont post very much at all but this come on as a advert that played before a youtube video i was about to watch. i had to drop everything and put it infront of some more eyeballs not sure what to make of it

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Those are some ASSETS right there.

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Hey, we all gotta start somewhere!

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That "10-hour" clock has disturbed me more than I thought it would.

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Should've went with Unity.

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oh my god yes.

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Thank you for sharing this. Decimal clock? I'm in.

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What if games were too easy to make?

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I looked up their site. It's a heck of a thing.

Amaze yourself with platonic paranoias!

Platonic Paranoia is an adventure game with an amazing story and unique puzzles.

Murat tries to figure out what happened to him and his love after the ambush as they fell into an island they have never been. The cinema device in the mysterious room acts as a portal to different time zones. His brother and friends help him remember the incident but first he must help them get their freedom back.

Here's some "gameplays" too.

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So this is what Tommy Wiseau is up to these days?