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I'm terrible at making decisions. Awful. I go back and forth forever on the most minor of decisions. You don't want to go out to dinner with me, trust me. I'm the guy who keeps telling the waitress "No, I need another minute or two." Car dealers HATE me because my indecisiveness makes me a very effective barterer. When I walk away, I'm not faking it.

So for months now I've been debating. PS4 or Xbox One. I've even thought maybe I'm better off with the Wii U based on what's available now, 3D World coming on Friday, and the future of that console. (I do have young kids, too - and my 5 year old loves LOVES Mario.)

But, I pulled the trigger on launch night. I couldn't help myself. I had the money, and I logged onto Amazon at exactly the right time to see an "Add to Cart" button on the regular "Launch" edition. A click for that, a click for ACIV, and one more click, and a PS4 was on its way.

So here it sits in the Amazon box next to me, unopened. I'm debating whether or not I want to put it on Ebay instead, recoup what I put in and make a little profit, and maybe take more time to decide. Or just buy the Wii U for significantly cheaper, with a couple extra games.

I like the PS4 for the price, the PS Plus games, and I tend to favor the PS exclusives. (I'm looking at you, Uncharted and InFamous.)

I like the Xbox One for the integration, the voice commandy stuff is cute, and I like the idea of Skype. I just wonder if I'd actually use it. Titanfall also seems to be the killer app, potentially.

The Wii U is way less powerful. Has archaic online functionality (still.) But Mario man, Mario. Seeing Mario in HD kinda gets me a little crazy-eyed. And the thought of an HD Zelda too? It also has the benefit of being something I can play WITH my kids, rather than having to wait for them to be in bed.

So there you have it. The Amazon box sits next to me, and I have no idea what I'll do. Maybe just keep it, and buy a Wii U as a complement in a month or two. Maybe sell it, wait it out a bit, and make a decision later. The problem is, I may never make a decision at this rate.

So, any PS4 owners with major second thoughts out there? Or are you generally happy?

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Well if you want to ebay it, it probably doesn't behoove you to wait much longer. I don't think PS4s are that hard to get...

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I bought a PS4 at launch, but mostly for its potential rather than what's available now. I had no intention of getting an Xbox One and already have a Wii U, and it's my intention to ride this generation out as a PS4/Wii U owner. I figure that should cover me for most everything I have a desire to play in the coming years.

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As an update, I couldn't let a brand new PS4 just sit there, and it's now occupying its expected spot in my entertainment center. :) I should have known I couldn't stand NOT opening that thing. It is a beautiful piece of hardware, and everyone was right about the controller. I may regret it some day, but not today.