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I am currently at my final year of university studying sociology as part of my dissertation I have created a questionnaire to research gamers spending habits and peoples attitudes to achievements. I would really appreciate it if anybody could find the time to complete this survey. I will not profit from or share any individuals information and any information gathered is solely for my dissertation

thank you for any help I will be eternally grateful

Here is the link to the survey


now closed due to reaching sampling size, thanks to everyone who has taken the survey the response has been excellent

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Some pretty good questions there as well, if it's not too much trouble, would you be able to share the data after you've collected it all?

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@serhulse: yeah that would be cool if it isn't a hassle.

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Thanks alot I really do apreciate it as I have not had many responses so far. well I cant share individual data but I could share my overall conclusion

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@olliespace: I don't know if you've already tried this, but you could also send a mass e-mail to everyone in your faculty, or to the Computer Science faculty asking them to participate.

Though you might want to check with your head of faculty before you do anything like that, to make sure it's okay.

I get dozens of these types of requests near the end of every semester sent to me, so I'm sure your Uni would be okay with it.

Oh and for the data, I meant just in the form of graphs/pie charts, if you get a decent enough sample size, some of those questions might reveal some interesting results.

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@serhulse: thanks I'll try that. I think it could be ethically viable to share graphs/pie charts as individual data cant be discerned. if anyone could share the link as well, I'll be even more eternally grateful

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Done! Hopefully that helps. c:

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Done. I hope you get enough participants!

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Done. Good luck.

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I hope that it goes well for you!

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As a Sociology graduate, I am obligated to mess up your results. :p

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Done, Duder.

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Society causes your problems, nurture definitely beats nature, the prison system is corrupt, and everyone is a victim. That's all I remember from sociology.

Oh, fine, I'll take your survey.

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Happy to help duder!

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Good luck with the assignment duder.

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Of course. Survey's are fun.

I know, I'm weird.

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Boom. Survey done.

Good luck on your dissertation!

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Done. It's always nice to see a thread with the title "help me with [X]" that doesn't actually mean "please do [X] for me".

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Done! If you shoot a questionnaire like this at your Computer Science/Software Engineering faculties and throw in a prize (a gift card or something), you'll definitely get a bunch of answers =]

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@olliespace: Lol, it is okay. I filled it out truthfully...most of it anyways.

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Finished! Good luck with your final year and it would be great if you shared your overall survey results with us.

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How could you not have RTS as a genre?

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Done! Best of luck with your final year, duder!

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Done. I'll say a couple of things though. There are a fair number of typos as well as some poorly worded questions. As a sociology major you should know that the way a question is worded can have a major effect on the results of the survey. People also tend to take surveys with typos in them less seriously.

Finally, like several people have said, you are missing quite a few genres on your list. You also list "platform" as a genre when I think you mean platformer. And I wouldn't really call Facebook games a genre as much as a platform. There are all types of Facebook games, from RPG's to action games to simulations. The term you might want to use is "casual" although again I don't think that really is a genre as much as a distinction of the level of complexity of the game.

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Done, Good luck. Also more genres. I didn't find Hack and Slash, MOBA or RTS. Racist. :P

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@raven10: If you could be more precise in what typos I have made I will make a note of it in my dissertation. I did have it viewed by others to check such problems as I have learning disabilites such as dyslexia/dyspraxia. Hopefully it is just the difference between American English and UK English, otherwise I do apologise. I tried my best to word the questions so it was not leading the respondents, which is quite difficult if you would let me know which questions you found inadequate I will make another note.

the genres I focused on were games where an economy is important and I felt I had to limit it to the most popular. I knew I could not put every genre so I made sure there was an "other" field in which people could put genres I did not think/know about. I do understand peoples frustrations that their favourite genre is not represented and relying on an other field may be an ineloquent way of dealing with this. I did question facebook games as a genre but I felt it was the most simplest solution as I did not want to label them casual.

thanks again for taking the time to take the survey and letting me know what you think even criticism is very important to my study

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@olliespace: Unfortunately I can't get back to the survey anymore and don't remember specifically what typos I saw and what questions I felt weren't appropriate. I don't remember but did you have a choice of sports/racing games as those definitely have the most DLC of any console games.

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sadly the survey is closed due to reaching its sample size. the questionairre will be part of my appendices and will be evaluated and in my methodology I'll bring up the issues raised. Thanks everyone for your help, it is amazing to get responses so fast and hopefully I gain a good mark from it