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Pocketcasts had a major update this week but it seems to have broken the HD video rss on my android device. Videos stutter and freeze. So I removed the podcast from my list and re-added the HD feed via the below link

https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/feed/hd/?api_key=<MY KEY>

But when I click 'subscribe' it only pulls videos from 2016 and never updates to anything newer. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? I've tried the link above on four different desktop apps (like Gpodder or other podcasting downloading programs) and it works just fine.

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So a new development! I attempted to add the HD video feed to the Pocketcasts web player and it displayed that the 'Show is on break of finsihed'. That tells me it's not accepting the api key. Sounds like a bug to me but I'm not sure if it's a bug on their side or on GB's side. Should I file a bug report here on GB?

In the mean time I've installed PodcastAddict on my phone and the video feed works fine there.

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