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How exactly does one increase the size of their e-penis on this here interweb site? And will doing so result in a small icon on my screen and the accompanying "blip" noise?

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#2 Posted by Orbi (176 posts) -

I think you increase it by contributing to the Wiki. If you look on your profile there's a tab for Wiki Points, haven't tried it out yet.

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No blip noise...I don't think. I guess Orbi's answer is correct

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Orbi said it right.  To get points you must help "build the site" so to speak.

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Ah, I'll try and help "build the site" but the Upload Images is being too slow right now for when I try to add a new location, character, etc.

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Termite said:
"No blip noise...I don't think. I guess Orbi's answer is correct"
What?! There has to be a noise!
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Can you gain anything from these points? :P Or is it just the respect?

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#8 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

S'all 'bout street cred, son. Word.

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Raspberry said:
"Can you gain anything from these points? :P Or is it just the respect?"
I'm wondering this as well.
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#10 Posted by bwooduhs (1683 posts) -

i want to help build the site but sadly it ddoesnt work on opera browser yet.

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I think forum posts might count in there as well after looking at the user scores.

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You have to contribute to the wiki

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It's like people don't know how to read or watch 10 seconds of a video.


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Atlas said:
"S'all 'bout street cred, son. Word."

Word indeed.