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Poll: [[ POLL ]] Option to make the videos on front page non sticky yet keeping them sticky inside articles? (20 votes)

WHAT? 40%
WHY? 20%
YES! 40%
NO! 30%

Dont know if this is just nitpicking, but id love if the videos on front page would be non-sticky yet theyd be sticky when im clicking the actual articles and reading comments.

Now i have to unsticky them on front page and stickify again when reading comments every time.

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#1 Posted by zenmastah (1214 posts) -

So what im saying is adding an option in the video player in the lines of "Sticky" "Sticky, not front page" or something like that.

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#2 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1220 posts) -

Yeah, i asked @snide about this during a TNT chat, so im not sure if he saw it and didn't want to bug him when they still have to fix all the major problems. But the front page should ignore the embiggen and sticky options by default, it is slightly annoying to have to turn it on and off to view the front page properly.

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#3 Posted by alternate (2819 posts) -

What does sticky do?

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#4 Posted by zenmastah (1214 posts) -

@lego_my_eggo: Oh ok, hope when they get the big issues solved theyd look at this.

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#5 Edited by Lego_My_Eggo (1220 posts) -

@alternate: It is an option in the new video player, when you sticky the video it will scroll with you when you look at a page. for example you can scroll down and read the comments on the videos page, and have the video follow at the top and still watch it.