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I actually kind of like Knack. Don't hurt me.

I'm playing through Binary Domain (thanks, PS+) right now and, while I don't think it was reviewed unfairly, I do think there is a lot to appreciate in that game.

Alpha Protocol is often cited for this dubious distinction. It seems like it mostly reviewed poorly because it wasn't a great shooter. Probably because it's an RPG?

There's also a bunch of games that I thought were awesome when I was young and stupid. I still like them now, but now I know it's because I'm still young and stupid.

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@agentboolen: For starters , they treat Heavy Metal with respect ..... second the character animations are really awesome , also its about heavy metal , and tho the gameplay isnt out of this world good , it did a reallly competent job at it. Did I mention that it is about heavy metal? Art direction is phenomenal and there is nothing like seeing the sky filled with meteors while blasting awesome music while looking at some of the best worlds out there. Its about heavy metal. Also the story was superb in my books. And its about Heavy friggin Metal \m/

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I loved Max Payne 3. Awesome game.

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I dont' remember what Alpha Protocol got on average but it seemed like critics didn't like it much, I enjoyed the hell out of it though.

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I liked Alpha Protocol, it's better than it's scores, and I absolutely loved The Last Remnant(scored around 5/10)and Too Human.

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Dragon age 2 may be one of my favorite RPGs. As soon as i post this I'm running to my bunker to await the mobs coming after me

Wish me luck.

I found it pretty damn enjoyable, story was pretty good too. Overall though that game was not finished, I mean those dungeons.. c'mon..

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See I can enjoy a game while admitting it isn't "good". Like a lot of the ultra-linear FPS games of this generation like the Medal of Honor reboots, Legendary, and so on I enjoyed. I wouldn't call them good and if I had to review them I wouldn't give them high scores, but I did enjoy them. It's sort of like a summer blockbuster. I enjoy a lot of superhero movies. A lot of them are terrible and outside of The Dark Knight and Batman Returns I wouldn't give any superhero movie ever more than 3/5 stars. For me, as long as a game isn't super frustrating I can probably enjoy it to an extent. Jeff made the comment during the GOTY podcasts that he enjoys a lot of movies that get terrible reviews. He didn't deny that the movies were bad. He just likes bad movies. I like both good and bad games, but I can tell the difference between something I enjoy and something that I would consider objectively "good".

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Spec Ops the Line does not get enough credit, really really good game.

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Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Never finished the game back in the day, so I thought I would buy this and save myself from installing mods. It was a good experience, liked the new characters all though not as involved as in the sequel, it felt like they fit in. If you haven't played it yet and you are an RPG fan I would advice anyone to do so, it's quite epic. And pretty cheap now I think.

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The Prototype games and Killzone: Shadow Fall

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@anund: I don't remember Max Payne 3 getting bad reviews. I remember the bombers didn't play that much of it, but reviews were pretty high.

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Beyond: Two Souls

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I really like Ryse and I only just started Remember Me, but I'm really enjoying that too.

I also got way into Defiance.

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Catherine. Catherine is fantastic.

? That game reviewed pretty well.

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Agarest: generations of war. Picked it up on steam despite all the things telling me not to and really enjoyed it.

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Two Worlds 1 & 2. The first was a total mess from top to bottom, some aspects of the combat were broken, it had some of the worst voice acting I've ever heard, the framerate was at a constantly sub-30 even when nothing was going on. That, and it looked like trash. But I still found it charming and fun enough that I beat it.

Then two came out, and it was actually good, and I had a great time with it. I remember after Two Worlds 2 came out being furious that it didn't get a Quick Look here, while they were going on and on about some other game's magic system that sounded fairly similar to Two Worlds 2, yet they didn't ever give it a chance.

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A lot of people would agree. I find it funny its on a lot of sites top ten, but when you look at best PS3 games, its absent.

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Crackdown 2 and Prototype 2 spring to mind. Having jumped back into games in mid-2010, I had the luxury of playing the originals of these two series immediately prior to playing the sequels. And I found the sequels to be far superior in pretty much every respect. Both just had extremely enjoyable gameplay and freedom. I also quite enjoyed The Saboteur and Mafia II, and i don't think they were terribly well received, either.

edit: I also second those who mentioned Binary Domain, Mars: War Logs and the Hyperdimension Neptunia series (even though I have not yet gotten to the any but the first game yet).

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@dasuberogre said:
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

I really liked UA2. It was a great game, even if it wasn't as good as the first... or the Xmen Legends games before them.

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Resident Evil 6 was one of the best games of 2012! <3

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Prototype 2 for me.

It's a hard one to recommend based on its quality but I absolutely love the concept and had a great time with it.

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I have fond memories playing Kane and Lynch with my mates. So much so that I didn't even hesitate to buy K&L2.

Spec Ops: The Line is a fantastic game and definitely deserves more recognition than it received

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Dragon age 2 may be one of my favorite RPGs. As soon as i post this I'm running to my bunker to await the mobs coming after me

Wish me luck.

Let me in at least! We can write our slash fiction together. No, but seriously - I really enjoyed that game, a bit ticked of by the ending but you know. That's Bioware... right?

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@joshwent said:

WTF?!? I had just assumed that games critics felt the same as me... that The Dig is right at the top of all of LucasArts' excellent feats of storytelling. immersion, and exploration. Man that's a great game. I can only imagine that this was when GameSpot was getting random reviews from uninformed freelancers and just posting them frantically with not a lot of oversight.

I second the WTF. The Dig is one of my favorite games ever. I get the impression that person only wanted Lucasarts to make Monkey Island/Day of the Tentacle clones and was ready to hate on anything deviating from that. Again....CRAZY. They even wrote a novel based on the game (which I've got somewhere). Isn't that some metric of commercial success?

It's hard to call any specific games to mind that I enjoyed despite poor reviews-in past years probably some JRPGs or adventure games. Recently I'd say it's been the reverse for me -- been let down by games that reviews gave me high expectations for.

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@make_me_mad said:

Catherine. Catherine is fantastic.

? That game reviewed pretty well.

Giant Bomb is kinda the only site where I actually pay attention to reviews, and it did not get a good reception here. Also it's late and I accidentally flagged your post trying to quote you! Whoops!

Really wish it'd ask for confirmation on those or something...

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Gotcha Force. I don't care what anyone says, that is an amazing game to play with friends.

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Too Human. Loved the analog stick combat, the premise/setting...pretty much everything. Really bummed the trilogy will never finish.

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Most recently probably The Bureau: Xcom Declassified. Fun games. Goes off the rails at the end story-wise but probably some of the funnest gameplay of last year.

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Xmen Origins Wolverine (which is about the only licensed game I can think of that's better than the movie), Dante's Inferno, Killer7, Binary Domain, New SMB Wii(The first and last one of these that is fun to play multiplayer), E.T.(When I was 4 I didn't know everybody hated that thing), Twilight Princess

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Dragon Age 2 is so close to being a fantastic game. If they had just spent more time on assets and the ending (which isn't bad, just too short in my opinion) AND change the structure of the fights (wave after wave of enemy) it would probably be in my top 5 games of the generation. Even with all that said I did enjoy the hell out of it. (Mark of Assassin ranks behind only Mass Effect 3 Citadel and New Vegas Old World Blues as my favorite DLC of the generation)

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  • Alpha Protocol- That game had some really neat ideas on dialogue and consequences of your choices.
  • Army of Two 1- It's a dumb game, but I love it's buddy action B-movie feel.
  • Overlord- Sometimes it's good to be evil.
  • The Outfit- Its an interesting mix of third person shooting, battlefield's domination mode and RTS by Pandemic. Also Ron Perlman.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: the game- I know it's seen as a knock-off of river city ransom, but as I'm to young to have experienced that game, I really enjoyed diving into a type of game I've never played before. The soundtrack is pretty rad too.
  • Star Trek Legacy- I'm a sucker for classic trek, and the ability to drive and dogfight in the franchise's most memorable ships made me play it a lot longer than I really should have.
  • X-men Origins Wolverine- The only game ever produced where Wolverine can actually be the best there is as what he does, which is chopping people into bloody confetti after lunging onto a helicopter and killing the pilot with the rotor blades.
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Probably Nier the most for me.

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Define poor.

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@noboners: I guess I mostly get my gaming info from GB and they seemed to pretty much hate it.

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@aetheldod: bought Brutal Legends for $20 at best buy gave it a few hours and was very disappointed. I really like heavy metal and Jack Black but that game just didn't meet my expections at all.

What did you like about it? Maybe you'll get me to revisit it.

Brutal Legend would be on my list of games I liked that didn't review that great as well so I figured I would chime in on this also, the reason I love it so much is that the double fine guys (and they've done this before and I'm sure will continue to do so) are so brilliant at world building and dialogue and character building that they always make you feel like you are playing your favorite cartoon from your child hood, although Brutal Legend would be an R rated one but still, the humor, the story, the stile. It's like someone tapping me on the shoulder and going "Hey, you know those feelings you get when you watch Toy Story or some such similar nostalgic affair that even though it's a kids movie it's not a kids movie at all?" "Yeah?" "Wanna play it in GAME FORM?" "HELL YEAH I DO" and with zero spoilers the ending of the game is one of my favorite endings ever, got a little bit teary eyed, one of the few movies or games where I really related to the character at the end, not that I need to relate to a character for me to enjoy it, but I did and it was nice.

Anyways, other games on my list.

These first two might fit better into a 'no one played it' list more so then a poorly review list. They were more so just not really ever reviewed basically.

Disaster Report and Raw Danger on the PS2: Destruction survival games that are so great, you can't name many games that deal with surviving the city around you just getting destroyed and having to escape tidal waves and storms and collapsing buildings and earthquakes, it's a fantastic niche that must be filled and DR and RD did it, and on top of all of that, throw in multiple paths, light rpg elements, multiple endings, and that general Japanese craziness we all love (Lick the knife is an option at some point in the game) and how could I not love it? Only wish they made more, they had one for the PSP that was Japanese language only, and they stopped working on another when that tsunami hit them a few years ago.

Obscure- PS2. Basically the game version of any and all teen slasher/horror movies, you get to play as 5 students running around a school looking for their lost friend and trying to figure out why everyone is turning into monsters, it's your standard survival horror for back in those days, there is a flashlight element to the game similar to the way Alan Wake worked. But the cool part of it is you can lose any of the kids and until you only have one the game will keep going, so it's a true "Oh, who might get killed next?" slasher feeling to it. The second was a pile of cat shit, inside a pile of dog shit, inside a pile of pig shit though.

Silent Hill Homecoming: It was never as scary as the other Silent Hills and the story was never as good either, but I rather liked it, the gameplay felt good, the graphics were pretty enough, the monsters had some crazy kill animations and the story wasn't horrible, not great, but it did what it came to do, and I honestly thought the multiple dialogue options added something very cool to the game. Hated Downpour though, one or two cool ideas here and there but it was so broken and the characters we so bloody awful it trampled the things it had going for it into the mud. Shattered Memories was pretty great too but I think it generally got a good review anyways so I wont go into that.

Deadly Premonition: Like I really need to get into it amongst this community, loved the characters, next!

Resident Evil 6: It was dumb, but fun, when has Resident Evil ever NOT been dumb but fun? I'm pretty sure that's in it's design document somewhere.

Sniper Elite V2: I like sniping, and in this game you can snipe people with slow mo effects and gnarly gore effects, so, yeah, that's fun.

Alpha Protocol: Really get decision making and dialogue choices/effects in that game, a mildly broken skill tree buuuuut still just good fun.

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  • Wanted
  • Dark Sector
  • Contrast
  • Shadowrun (the online one)
  • Mafia 2

These are the games that spring to mind.

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I don't know how valid an answer it is anymore given its cult following, but Nier is probably my game of the generation.

Drakengard is my game of last generation. It deserves any and more hate than it got. Don't care. Evil sky babies

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@anund said:

I loved Max Payne 3. Awesome game.

Fuck yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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@buft said:

Dark Void , i fucking loved that game, the Jet pack sequences come late in the game but damn if thats not some of the funnest shit to do on last gen consoles, i bought it, lent it to a friend and rebought it when he took too long to return it, I would replay a few of the levels which give you big open worlds and a reason to switch between foot and air, they need to make a sequel and get the balance right and Dark Void could be a system seller.

I figured I'd be the first mention of Dark Void! It wasn't perfect but it was a really fun arcade shooter, and nobody else has pulled off third-person flight quite like it.

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Most of the Way of the Samurai games.

I thought that Killzone: Shadow Fall was better than most of the reviews gave it credit for, but I don't play many console shooters so maybe I just don't know much better.

Most arcade-style shoot-'em-ups get reviewed pretty poorly. "You can credit feed this and see all the levels in 30 minutes, why is this worth full price?" is a difficult hurdle for many reviewers to get over. (Unless you're named "Ikaruga," for some reason.)

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Tenchu Z and Alone in the Dark 2008 come to mind.

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Nothing recent springs to mind, but I loved Gauntlet Legends for the N64. I was young when I played through it so a lot of it is nostalgia, but I easily put 50+ hours into it maxing out several characters and unlocked everything in it. Having a few friends that were into it as well helped but I played most of it solo. By no measure a good game but I enjoyed it.

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Dead Island: Riptide.

It's not like I expected to play it for the story, and the disembovellically entertaining melee combat system was still there. Frankly, I found it to be my favorite game to play while listening to a podcast on the background of 2013.

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It always surprised me the low scores that the Bloody Roar series got. Yeah they were dumb fighters, but I don't think that the audience or the developers really expected or wanted the deepest fighter to come out of that series.

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Enchanted arms

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I really enjoyed The Cave, it made my top 10 list this year. The humor made some of the inconveniences of the design worth playing to see every character's story. I also liked Deathspank, Ron Gilbert's other unappreciated property.

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@anund said:

I loved Max Payne 3. Awesome game.

87 on metacritic, that game reviewed great.

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I had fun with FEAR 3. It's a bad game, but for some reason I liked it. The story is terrible, the graphics aren't great at all, the level design is sometimes confusing... but it was fun to just shoot things in that game. It felt like there was a little more to it than just your generic assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher, even though there isn't anything truly crazy in that game.

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@lyisa said:

Agarest: generations of war. Picked it up on steam despite all the things telling me not to and really enjoyed it.

This kind of baffles me, I don't mean to be rude, but what exactly about the game do you like?

I love niche JRPGs, but this is one of the few I really didn't like (the other on the top of my head being Time and Eternity - what an awful game that was...). I was digging Agarest for a little while initially, but it just got WAY too repetitive, and the whole 'dating' aspect of it is really overstated, and not really a huge factor in the game. I'm just curious to see what you liked in it. I actually made it all the way to the final boss before I finally gave up, and I just couldn't muster up the strength to get pass the last hurdle the game threw at me.