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I live in Michigan, we had a huge snow storm that knocked out a lot of peoples power within their homes. This has become a major problem for everyone because it's extremely cold and chilly; but, with that said. I myself lucked out. I went over to my parents home, my father has a large generator that allows for some standard appliances as well as some larger appliances ( like the computer, internet, and television + cable) to continue running. The only way we have heat is due to the fireplace (which oddly enough we used to cook burgers on :P) and it's keeping us all nice and warm. I have been playing one IOS game in particular while I await for the power to be cut on, It's called: " I dig it HD" a mining game that is actually pretty fun and challenging.

I Dig it HD


My question to you, what are some fun games to play when you honestly don't have much to do? I would love to know?

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I have fallen out with most of the IOS games I was playing, I had spent a good bit of time on Snoopys Street Fair for some nostalgia and Simpsons Tapped Out, but eventually I was dreading loading the games up and doing all that senseless tapping. Figured the more I leveled up the more inane tapping would be required, so I quit them cold turkey. I still play Sonic Dash every once in awhile, but I am not quite ready to say I enjoy it. I don't have a strong opinion of these mobile games and I have seen enough paywall bs in most of them to convince me to stay far away.

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I have played a little bit of ridiculous fishing but boy...my thoughts on tablet and phone gaming is at about a 3 out of 10. Anything close to interesting doesn't hold my attention long and I just go to 3ds or Vita if I want mobile gaming. The last mobile/tablet game I really liked was Star Command on Android. Ridiculous Fishing was fun, but being on my iphone I played it about 2-3 hours total and then felt I had "completed" the game gotten all I realistically could from it. Year Walk is great but you can get everything possible out of the game, with 0 replay value, in about 2 hours or less.

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@wolfgame: I can understand that opinion, I had the same situation as well, but when our power was knocked out I didn't have much of a choice.

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@sammo21: Star command is something I am really interested in. I am definitely going to give that a play!

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@artisanbreads: Game seems pretty good looking. I may view a few videos to figure out how to play.

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@giantalston: I will say that I think the game gets incredibly easy incredibly fast. That's why I only played about 4 hours or so. No encounter, even the ones I knew were supposed to be tough, actually put me in any danger.

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@demoskinos: I save the podcast when I am programming or drawing. I really want to listen to them though; but, I find my productivity to increase when I am listening to both Giantbomb and roosterteeth podcast! :D

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@giantalston: I too am in Michigan (Lansing); just curious where you are? Power's been out 4 days now at my main residence, though luckily my sister had power and now my Mom also has power. I was playing Jeanne D'arc on the PSP for a while, though ultimately I still have Vagrant Story on my PSP so I'll always have something to do post apocalypse. Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together is also a solid choice.

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I really like the Cut the Rope games. I have 3 stars on every stage in the first 3 games, and I've just started playing the new one.