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#101 Posted by OGinOR (331 posts) -

Xbox One on pre-order here. It's the only one of the consoles that showed me anything close to 'next gen' and it has the games I want to play, plain and simple. I pre-ordered my Day One copy from the MS store on my 360 about two hours after the Sony presser (the one where they showed me more games I could play on the Xbox while only showing about 2 games I couldn't...).

While there is something to be said for the excitement you get standing in line on launch night, I'm an Old now...and there's a high likelihood that it will be both chilly and pouring down rain in November here in Portland..those things I will not miss. (Especially while carrying a new $500 piece of tech...)

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#102 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7008 posts) -

Yes, immediately after the Sony press conference I preordered the PS4.

I've never been able to get in on a console at launch and financially I'm finally able to do so. For all we know these might be the last "consoles" as we know it. I'd like to have that launch day experience at least once.

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#103 Edited by darkdragonmage99 (744 posts) -

@councilspectre: why would i pre order microsoft and sony still have months to fuck up

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#104 Posted by Giefcookie (654 posts) -

Nope not yet. No launch games I HAVE to play. Also the price here is the same as a GTX770 at 449€. I might be picking up one of those instead while waiting for games.

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#105 Posted by Istealdreams (164 posts) -

It's funny when people mention "all" the exclusives that Microsoft has over Sony, when the play station has dominated that arena for a decade. Do you really think this next generation is going to be different when Sony owns some of the best game development studios in the business?

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#106 Edited by markini6 (549 posts) -

PS4 on Amazon for me, but tbh I have doubts about the stock and availability, I'll find out in 5 months I guess. Looking at the 360 and the PS3, I looked at which manufacturer had continuously released exclusives throughout the console's lifecycle and there was no other choice but Sony (the Last of Us and GT6 in the PS3's "last year"). Naughty Dog will most likely be at e3 next year, and I'm sure games like God of War and LPB will rear their heads at some point. Also, I was going to pass on Killzone but after reading previews for it and now how it's apparently much more open and Crysis-like, there's an exclusive launch title that will dull some of the pain of missing out on Forza.

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#107 Posted by crunchmonkey (286 posts) -

@kirillorlov: It was a futureshop.ca promotion during e3 week. Pre-order 3 or more games and save $13 - $20 per game.

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#108 Edited by KaneRobot (2668 posts) -

Hell no. If someone knows they're gonna buy one no matter what, fine. But there is no way to know how this is going to shake out. Hardware issues, unexpected performance (both sales and system-wise), a lot of time between now and launch...no way.

I'm probably actually just going to go back to PC for the next year and a half or so (and I never throught I'd say that). I'm waiting to see what happens.

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#109 Posted by Vextroid (1538 posts) -


Got my PC and just bought a Wii-U so I'm set for this generation. Most likely to pick up a PS4 in 2-3 years after a couple of price drops.

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#110 Posted by yukoasho (2248 posts) -

PS4. The only console that matters next gen. The Xbox One is a non-starter with all the control MS wishes to exert on the user, and I already have a Wii U.

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#111 Edited by onyxghost (379 posts) -

Ordered my Xbox yesterday. The DRM doesn't bother me. It's not any worse than steam. The always on thing is no big deal. I have cable and my phone is an LTE hotspot. So unless cable and phone service is out I'm fine. If they do go out I have bigger problems. And I haven't rented a game since Blockbuster went out. That bring said, I'm in a good place financially and will pick up a PS4 at a later date. It's just a shame the only thing on playstation I remotely like is uncharted.

Almost forgot the why. Titanfall...

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#112 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

@crunchmonkey: I took advantage of that FutureShop deal as well. Got my PS4 pre-ordered along with Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Diablo 3, Destiny, Mirror's Edge 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Wars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V all for PS4 and all for $39.99 each.

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#113 Edited by flindip (547 posts) -

I traded in my 360 and all my games at Gamestop for a PS4(I also, by extension, cancelled XBLA).

Its pretty much paid in full at this point. Going to be playing my Mac for a couple months.

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#114 Posted by A_Norman (52 posts) -

@mister_v said:

Both because I'm an idiot.

Although i can't really justify why i ordered the XBONE...

This. I'm probably going to cancel my XBONE order though, just haven't brought myself to do it yet.

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#115 Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (961 posts) -

Nope I kinda want to wait in one of those stupid lines just for the craziness of it it all.

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#116 Edited by flindip (547 posts) -

@boom_goes_the_dynamite: That will happen, even if you pre-order. Unless, of course, your getting it through an online service.

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#117 Edited by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

Xbox ONE preordered

I like the PS4 but Xbox ONE has the games that i like to play.

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#118 Posted by JoeBigfoot (128 posts) -

PS4, I have a VITA so it was pretty much a no-brainer. Need to buy a TV first, or get my old TV shipped across.

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#119 Edited by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

No, I have learned from this gen that getting consoles within the first year is stupid (RRoD). I'll let early adopters deal with any potential defects while I wait for the inevitable sleeker slim model. At least that's what I'll have to keep telling myself because I have to admit, I'm kind of caught up in the hype and want to go for the PS4 early.

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#120 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1548 posts) -

Have a PS4 reserved on Amazon. Might switch to an Xbox One for Forza though. Not sure yet, I still have five months.

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#121 Posted by thugg1280 (109 posts) -

going to sit this one out for about a year to see how the hardware go's for sony I don't even care about xbox one

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#122 Posted by CouncilSpectre (324 posts) -

@darkdragonmage99: I don't know. Cause you want to play the latest awesome games maybe?

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#123 Edited by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

I pre-ordered the WiiU before release. >.>

Very tempted to pre-order a PS4, but I'm thinking I'd be far better off to wait until InFamous Second Son hits, it'll give me more flexibility and longer to save, plus I'll hear about any potential issues.

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#124 Edited by Wakim (3 posts) -

I pre-ordered both through Amazon. I know I'm going to get both eventually for exclusives, so why not jump on early....

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#125 Edited by Blastroid (289 posts) -

Since I don't care about used games and have a 24/7 internet connection I let the games decide. So I made a list of must buy games for me:

  • (PS4) Infamous: Second Son
  • (XBO/PC) Titanfall
  • (PS4/XBO/PC) Battlefield 4
  • (PS4/XBO/PC) Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • (PS4/XBO/PC) Watch Dogs
  • (PS4/XBO) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • (WIIU/PC) Scribblenauts Unmasked
  • (PS4) Drive Club
  • (WIIU) Rayman Legends
  • (WIIU) Mario Kart 8
  • (PC) South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • (PS4/XBO/PC) Mirror's Edge 2

Since I have a decent PC and a Wii U if I order a PS4 I will not miss out on a single game I want. Titanfall was one reason I was going to pre-order a XBO but when I saw it was also available on the PC I was happy. I will still probably buy a Kinect 2 as I like to program and that hardware is amazing for $99.

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#126 Edited by kerse (2450 posts) -

I don't pre-order anything.

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#127 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

I've never bought a console at launch. Good things come to those who wait.

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#128 Posted by ragintaft (53 posts) -

Not yet. I have an Xbox One in my Amazon cart, just purely based on the exclusive games that were shown at E3. Titanfall (I don't have a gaming PC), Fantasia, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 3, and Forza all appeal way more to me than Infamous, Killzone, or Drive Club. The Order looks legitimately interesting, but without any details than just that trailer, that's not enough to quite sway me.

But I'm still torn. The online requirements and DRM are really not big deals to me, but Sony seems to be doing a lot right at the moment.

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#129 Posted by darkdragonmage99 (744 posts) -
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#130 Edited by fisk0 (6357 posts) -

No, haven't and likely won't pre-order, though I'll probably pick up an PS4 close to launch.

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#131 Posted by oraknabo (1733 posts) -


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#133 Edited by MannyMAR (658 posts) -

Nah, I just bought a new graphics card. Plus, I felt burned buying launch consoles when both my X360 and PS3 died.

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#134 Edited by Aretak (137 posts) -

Yes, I have a PS4 pre-ordered with Amazon.

All the talk of day one exclusives is silly IMO. Since when did anybody buy a console solely for the launch games? The PS3 has absolutely destroyed the 360 over the past few years when it comes to quality exclusive titles, and I have no reason not to believe that'll continue with the PS4 in the long run. Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog have planned in particular.

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#135 Posted by CouncilSpectre (324 posts) -

@darkdragonmage99: Not if the console's are sold out at launch due to pre-orders. If you don't have to, why wait to play the newest awesome games?

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#136 Edited by Lind_L_Taylor (4123 posts) -

I'll wait. My PCs & 360 will keep me happy until the air clears on the Consoles.