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2016 was looking like the best year ever until two high profile games were pushed back (Destiny 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda). We might see both of those this year, which would make it a fantastic year in and off itself. But there is so much more I'm looking forward to in 2017 and I'm just calling it out now so I remember. Since we all love lists and orders, I'm ordering them from least to most anticipated.

Worth Tracking

NieR: Automata

Developed by: Platinum Games
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4
Date: 23rd February

I didn't even play the first NieR, but it is clear that game had a fanbase worth respecting. The fact Platinum is making the combat of this next one and taking the passion of the fans from the first game, this is on my radar at least.

Star Citizen

Developed by: Cloud Imperium Games
Platforms: PC
Date: 2017

I mean, aren't you curious what this becomes? I did not put any money into Star Citizen and I'm not even sure if I would enjoy the game at all, but I want to check it out at the very least. People who are putting 60.000 dollars into this game are crazy but who knows, it could be great?

Death Stranding

Developed by: Kojima Productions
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

I don't even know what this game is, but anything Kojima is worth at least a look.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Developed by: Nintendo EPD
Platforms: Switch, Wii U
Date: 2017

I'm not necessarily a Zelda fan, but it's hard to ignore the quality of the games in that series. Coupled with a Nintendo system I am for once very interested in, this is on my radar.

God of War

Developed by: Santa Monica Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

Excited about a God of War game? Who would've thought that? I never liked the original games, I was too elitist for them. Given how this new one pushes for a new direction, I'm actually excited to see what it will become.

State of Decay 2

Developed by: Undead Labs
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Date: 2017

The first State of Decay was awesome. It was busted and unpolished, but it didn't matter. Years later, zombies are not as fun to fight and the things that made State of Decay unique have been implemented in many other games since. If State of Decay 2 will be just more State of Decay I'll still play it, but probably won't end up liking it as much. There is a chance this will improve on all those mechanics though, which is an exciting idea.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developed by: Guerrilla Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Date: 28 February

I haven't seen anything in Horizon so far that makes me unable to wait to play it. That said, it does look good and I might end up really liking it. Perhaps I don't know yet how much I will love playing it.


Developed by: Arkane Studios
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

I have to admit I don't even know what this game is. Perhaps I shouldn't have put it on here, but I will play it solely based on the original Prey 2 leaked video's. Is that dumb? Yeah, that's kind of dumb.

8. Crackdown 3

Developed by: Cloudgine
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Date: 2017

Crackdown was on some plane a secret spiritual successor to Mercenaries on steroids. It was great at just letting you play in the world and integrating that in the grand goal of the game. Crackdown 2 was a disappointment before it was even released. Exact same open world? No significant graphical improvements? Minor added abilities? Removed features such as transforming cars? Too many steps back.

That said, everything Crackdown 3 that has been said so far sounds like they are definitely on the right track to recapture the awesomeness of the first game. The idea that a great new Crackdown game would come out this far after the minor succes of the first one is very exciting.

7. Agents of Mayhem

Developed by: Deep Silver Volition Inc.
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

Apart from this game looking like the future winner of 'Best Style of the Generation' - because seriously, I've never seen cell shaded style and cartoon stylished animations meshed so well with traditional graphics - it also sounds like a fun game. It has some good ideas that seems to play to that Crackdown 3 style of pure open world fun. It is difficult to challenge Crackdown at its own game, but if any game came close to beating it there, it was Saints Row 4. In that respect, Volition's next game instantly gains my attention. It's not just the style and the sound of the game, it's the credentials behind it. If you had a list of games of 2017 and you had to assign developers to each pitch, you would put Volition on Agents of Mayhem. This makes complete sense for that studio.

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6. For Honor

Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal Studios
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 14 February

This looks like something unique. It seems like the emphasis on attack animation and timing that a Dark Souls games has, except it is more action oriented and has a more unique combat system. It's all about whether or not the combat will go deep enough to keep this interesting for long. For Honor looks like a pretty simple game on a grand scale so far, but I am assuming (hoping) there will be more to its combat than we've seen so far. At least in the long run. I suspect the easier parts were shown up front to sell people on wanting to play the game and on the concept as a whole. We'll see, but For Honor is looking great so far.

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5. Spider-Man

Developed by: Insomniac Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

I can hear you say, why is this so high, it's a licensed game? Bare with me on this. First of all, we can all agree that Spider-Man is the most fun superhero ever. Second of all, this particular game is not tied to any movie (even the new one), so the developer has creative freedom. Also, that developer happens to be Insomniac Games, who's recent game is Sunset Overdrive. Lastly, this game did not start development a year before it was released. This process started in 2014. It will be an open world set in New York too. Nothing I've heard or seen of this game makes me think it will suffer from being a licensed game. I would love a new Spider-Man game that is actually great.

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4. South Park The Fractured But Whole

Developed by: Ubisoft San Francisco
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

Apart from the actual gameplay, the previous game in the South Park series was fantastic. It looked great, it was genuinely funny and it had some great ideas. Even if we get the worse case scenario and The Fractured But Whole ends up being a try to get more money out of the critical acclaim of The Stick of Truth, it will still be worth playing. The writing will make it such. The latest season of South Park has been great and the prospect of getting some sort of 'wieners out' movement gameplay in the new game is making me nearly unable to wait to play this.

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3. The Last of Us Part II

Developed by: Naughty Dog
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Date: 2017-2018

Granted, we don't even know for sure if this comes out in 2017 and it might not since that new side-story of Uncharted will come out this year, but I choose to both be optimistic and at least acknowledge that it might come out this year. The Last of Us was a fantastic game in most respects. I still play it from time to time. It had a great story and I actually liked the gameplay a fair bunch although I would've preferred some more consistency in some area's. Part II takes things further for Ellie and possibly Joel (fan theories are racing already he might be dead) and if it improves even a little bit, it will be an instant GOTY contender.

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2. Destiny 2

Developed by: Bungie
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 2017

Do I even need to explain why I'm excited for this one? Destiny is one of the greatest games I've ever played and it reached its pinnacle with Rise of Iron's release last year. Destiny 2 is improving upon everything while keeping everything that made Destiny great in the first place. The only thing I want to know about it still, is what transfers from the first one or which bonuses I will get for the stuff I've already accomplished and beyond that I fully trust Bungie to deliver me the next best shooter ever made.

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1. Mass Effect Andromeda

Developed by: BioWare Montreal
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Date: 21 March

Mass Effect is the best trilogy I've ever played and beyond that Mass Effect 3 is one of my favorite playing games of all time. I still play that multiplayer every once in a while and I always restart the entire trilogy every year and a half to two years or so. I don't want or need to see anything on Andromeda. Doing the research and knowing which dev team is exactly making it (the ones that did the multiplayer in 3, most of the DLC of 2 and 3) I have complete confidence it will turn out great. If I were to guess they are going to make great changes to the gameplay again as they did in 3. I don't even know if there will be a multiplayer component, though I think there will be and it should be awesome. I can't wait to play this one. It's been a long time coming.

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#1 Posted by Savage (616 posts) -

I don't think Death Stranding has any chance of being released this year. KojiPro only started pre-production last year and it's a AAA, new-IP, open world game (highly resource-intensive qualities for a game). Add to that Kojima's ambitious ideas and stubborn attention to detail. Realistically, I think we'll be lucky if it's out before 2019.

I also think it's unlikely that Star Citizen will release this year in a form that's remotely close to being finished. There will probably be a limited release with at least some multiplayer content and maybe a little singleplayer content, but no full MMO and no complete Squadron 42 campaign. In fact, I actually doubt the campaign will ever amount to more than a short string of shabbily dressed up missions, which is a bummer for me since the campaign is all I'm interested in playing.

Anyway, the 2017 games I'm currently most looking forward to would be:

  • Persona 5 - looks like a damn fine Persona game
  • NieR Automata - dream team of Platinum + Yoko Taro and the Nier crew; the game's looking every bit as amazing as expected
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera - ambitious spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment, one of the best games ever written
  • Divinity: Original Sin II - DOS1 had some of the best-ever turn-based combat; this looks even better, plus it has Chris Avellone
  • Pyre - the next game from Supergiant and they've got a certain special magic to their games
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I hope this is the more open-ended, challenging, simulationist Zelda game I've been waiting for
  • Nioh - Dark Souls crossed with Ninja Gaiden and set in mythological feudal Japan; sign me right up
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#2 Edited by paulmako (1685 posts) -

I was just thinking this a few days ago. I barely bought any 2016 games but I think 2017 looks very good. Granted, that's partly due to delayed games like Zelda and Persona but things like Horizon, NieR and whatever Nintendo are cooking up are also reason for me to be excited this time around.

Also no mention of Red Dead Redemption 2!

Probably game I am most hyped for. Although I wouldn't be surprised if that gets delayed to early 2018.

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#3 Posted by DharmaBum (1703 posts) -

Destiny 2 is improving upon everything while keeping everything that made Destiny great in the first place.

Have Bungie even name dropped Destiny 2 or hinted at what it entails?

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#4 Posted by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

@dharmabum: Yeah. Also lots of leaked information from Kotaku. Credible, given that every other leak they posted turned out to be accurate. There is a lot of information, but key words are basically having a larger world without having to constantly transition to orbit. Having quest givers in towns in the regular overworld (what is now Patrol). Seems more like a full MMO in terms of structure, without losing that rocksolid gameplay.

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#5 Edited by DharmaBum (1703 posts) -

@zevvion: Oh cool. I look forward to when they start talking about it more officially. Nothing like a good ol' Bungie ViDoc to get the hype juices flowing. Edit: I assume they're also a "hungrier" studio and are more eager to knock it out of the park from the get-go.

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#6 Posted by fenster (62 posts) -

There is zero chance Last of Us Part II comes out this year. They mentioned at the conference that it was very early in development.

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#7 Posted by probablytuna (4917 posts) -

Persona 5 has never left my thoughts ever since I played an hour or so of the Japanese version. I'm so ready for it.

It's very unlikely we'll see Death Stranding or The Last of Us Part II out this year. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn't seem likely given Rockstar's track record for releases. I'm pretty confident Mass Effect: Andromeda will keep its release date though, given they've never formally announced a release date until recently and it being scheduled for a late March launch.

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#8 Edited by L33T_HAXOR (851 posts) -

Its gonna be a great year for platformers in particular. We should be getting:

  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Cuphead
  • Sonic Mania
  • A Hat in Time

All of these look very promising. And I've lost count of all the RPGs coming this year, its ridiculous.

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#9 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (1864 posts) -

The phrase is "can't wait"

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#10 Posted by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

@probablytuna: @fenster: As I said, the chance is slim. But given that this happened before, it would be dismissing reality if we said '0 chance'. I agree it's unlikely though, but it's worth considering.

Not that any of it matters. If Andromeda comes out and is anywhere close to as good as 3, I'm set for the year anyway.

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#11 Posted by paulmako (1685 posts) -

We now have a date for Zelda. March 3rd, same as the Switch launch. I think Super Mario Odyssey is on my 'worth tracking' list now.

I guess it's nice for Sony that Horizon is coming out a couple of days ahead of the Switch. It gives them a very anticipated exclusive to talk about while also being a showpiece game for their Pro system. I wonder if they are going to make a competitively priced bundle at the same time. I understand that Sony and Nintendo have different audiences, but I'm not sure who the Switch is for at launch.

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#12 Posted by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

@paulmako: Absolutely getting the Switch. Everything I've seen of that system makes me think it is the thing I always wanted handhelds to be.

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#13 Posted by Muntic0re (32 posts) -

nice review, I was waiting for 2017 'cause of Resident Evil 7 and Persona 5

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#14 Edited by Karmosin (329 posts) -

Freedom planet 2 looks dope so far. That and Persona 5 are at the top of my list.

I am very interested in the new SMT-game they've only teased so far, but I weren't a fan of apocalypse, wich retroactively also made me think more of the problems I had with IV, so I'm a bit cautious...