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Template for creating nice profile backgrounds linked above. Requires photoshop or any program that can work with photoshop layers. Here are the main tips...
  1. The image will tile. If you don't want it to tile, use a image that is very wide (1900 pixels).
  2. The image will be partially covered up by the header of the site. If you want something to show up perfectly aligned, make sure adjust your image to be lower then header.
  3. I've included an option fade for those that can't find high rez artwork. Just place your art below the fade layer and it will give you a natural fade out when being viewed on high rez monitors.
  4. Remember that part of your background will be partially covered by navigation, don't think of this as a limitation, but as an opportunity to "hide" characters behind that nav.
  5. Don't forget to hide the header and icon layer on your PSD before you save. Use the "Save as Web" option if you have photoshop and use a 70% compression JPG to make sure you get a cool image that won't take too long to download.
When you're done, let us know so we can check out your work! If you don't have photoshop, there are plenty of users here that are pretty good with it (just check the staff pic manipulation thread) that can help you out.
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Awesome, time to outsource this project to friends.

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Good stuff, thanks Snide!

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thanks snide, I'll give it a try a bit later.

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I'll give this a go tomorrow but I am amused at how the image I'm currently using actually looks pretty awesome.

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I just did a little test with the template and it works great.

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Whoah, this'll save me some time! Much thanks Snide!

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Thanks!! Exactly what I was looking for! :)

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Very useful. Works great!

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Mine's done. Looks great!

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Just a few minutes late for me, but I love how mine came out anyway.

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Good to go bro! Thanks snide.

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Now if only I had Photoshop...

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Thanks, I like my tile as of now. It looks freaky.

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great thanks

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Hey, can someone help me get my image to display better on the site?
I am not really good at Photoshop or messing with images, so I can't think of a way yo get more of the cool stuff to be visible, where to move everything and all.
The full size image is HERE.
And the PSD is HERE.

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Brilliant. Thanks. I'll sort out my look soon enough, or out source it to more capable people. :P

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I am going to try photoshop again just to do this. It looks sweet.

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Thanks a bunch. Although my current background is so awesomely ugly I might leave it be. Or maybe I could make it uglier...


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I don't have photoshop: how can I make a background?

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Aww, I wish I had this yesterday. I spent an hour or so trying to get my banner just right and at the end of the night it still wasn't right. 15 minutes with this and it's perfect. Thanks.

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Smedles said:
"I don't have photoshop: how can I make a background?"
There are a number of other programs that can open PSD files. Perhaps you already have one?
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LordAndrew said:
"Smedles said:
"I don't have photoshop: how can I make a background?"
There are a number of other programs that can open PSD files. Perhaps you already have one?
I don't think I do...
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Can we please have an option to have the background not tile? I've put up my banner at the 1900px size but at my res I can still see it wrapping around.  I guess I could make the image even bigger.  Also, the banner shows up at the bottom of the page...which I can't fix by making the image larger. :P

Pleaaaase? :D :D :D

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From what I've gathered the banner bottom is just a temporary glitch which only appears when you've just added a new background.

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ahh  so ka. 

good template

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Finally fixed mine:

No Caption Provided

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This is very useful, I'll get around to it tomorrow or so.

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hello ! I'd like to send a word of thanks to our loyal mods, who have taken the great responsibility that comes with great power, and have used it for good rather then evil. Thank you!

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This certainly helps. Thanks.

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Now lets hope we get someone that makes a guide that doesn't require layers, or photoshop since i don't feel like pirating it or buying it.

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Thanks for this, time to put my skills to the use.  You guys are awesome group of people, I love your open source attitude.

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Thanks Snide.

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Can anyone recommend a program other than photoshop that would be suitable for this?

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Sweet. Now I can make a decent profile banner instead of the shoddy one I have now.

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Oh, thanks alot  Methos!

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Thank you so much.

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Thanks Snide :D

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Template based thankings.

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Template url no longer working.

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@icf_19xx: I assume that's because profile background images are no longer a thing?

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@bollard said:

@icf_19xx: I assume that's because profile background images are no longer a thing?

Of course they are...are backgrounds not working for you or something?

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@mike The link to the psd file for the template just does't work any longer is the problem ICF is referring to.

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@mike: This thread is six years old. Isn't this template for setting your whole profile background on the old site design, which you can no longer do? The new thing labelled "background" is more of a header image.

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@mike: Oh! I must be mis-remembering. Ignore me then!