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Hello, I will soon be getting either one of these handhelds. I have been struggling with this decision due to the fact that I have played my brother's ds (is the 3dsxl so much differnet other than the 3d and larger screen?)and the ps vita(in stores) however i have not come to the deduction of the the 3dsxl due to fact that although it consist of a larger library of games I don't know if there are many other games other than Nintendo driven games such as Mario and luigis type of games does the 3dsxl have many fps or larger rpg games such as the popular ps vita game person 4 golden. Finally I find my self at a cross road mostly due to the fact that I own the ps3 and already have ps+. Would this justify buying the ps vita with the possible risk of Sony not caring about the ps vita. Also if this helps I have not played too many playstation exclusives and I did not have a psp so there is also a huge back log of psp games for me to play if there is to a gaming release drought.... So to speak? (Does the 3dsxl let you watch youtube and surf the web. all in all my main concern is that the ps vita will not have support and i will be left with a. System that is dead or not wanted by develapors.

Thank you so much or your help

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To provide my "credentials" for the question at hand, I have had a Vita since launch and I've been actively borrowing (and returning, of course) my friend's 3DS for the past year-and-a-half.

I really like the 3DS. The games it has are generally quite fun, and it has a pretty vast variety. The quality of the first-party stuff is really high, and the 3D works fairly decently beyond a simple novelty

But, also,
I really like the Vita. I've played more games through on the Vita, and have generally had a lot more interesting and "bigger" experiences on it. Where I would regularly play 20 - 40 minute sessions on the 3DS, I have absolutely had multiple 4+ hour sessions on the Vita. It feels more like a powerhouse.

I think the fact that you have PS+ is actually quite huge. About half of my library is games I've gotten for free on PS+ - and I haven't even played through all of them, yet. The ones I have are great, and I gladly would have paid for them (wipeout, gravity rush, thomas was alone, and a few others). Also, I do plan on getting a PS4, so for me it makes sense to stay with the Vita.

tl;dr - I personally recommend the Vita a little above the 3DS, but both systems are great at what they're aiming to do.

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Duder. Formatting your post would really help people read it and get an answer.

Personally? I really like my 3DS XL and would not trade it for a Vita. I think it's a great little device full of some really fun games. Most notably is the recent release of Shin Megami Tensei IV. You may have heard of them after playing Persona 4. The Persona games are a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei games, but don't be fooled - SMT 4 is nothing like Persona. It's a very difficult dungeon crawler and a damn good one at that. You should look into it. Other great games are Fire Emblem Awakening, probably on the same level as SMT 4 in terms of quality, Etrian Odyssey 4, Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, and of course Mario Kart. Some others are coming out, too, like a new Smash Bros. game and a new top down Legend of Zelda game.

That said, all the 3DS really has going for it are games. It can play all regular DS games as well as 3DS games, but you can't watch Youtube videos on it. Surfing the web is pretty slow and unwieldy. I don't know how well Netflix works on it, but it can't be preferable to watching Netflix on a laptop. When you buy a 3DS, you're buying it to play some of the best games available this year and nothing else. I've already got a cellphone that does everything else so this didn't bother me in the least.

The PS Vita is a system that I do not have. However, I can tell you that there are few Vita games that have gotten the praise that the 3DS games have. The main one, Persona 4 Golden, is also available on the PS2. And I don't really know what's coming up for the system either. What it lacks in games it makes up for in features, though. It does have a Youtube app for you, plus it has better integration into the internet, far more power, and a better screen.

Since you didn't own a PSP, there's a pretty good backlog of PSP games to play as well as some good old PS1 games that work just fine on the system. There's nothing wrong with playing older games, but the Vita doesn't have much else to offer when it comes to games. Persona 4? OK, it's on the PS2. Final Fantasy X? Again, on the PS2 and soon on the PS3. Soul Sacrifice? Is that worth buying a Vita for? The Vita might be a fine investment if you've got PS Plus, they seem to be supporting it with free PSP games pretty well, but that's really all you'll be playing on it for now.

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I have a 3DSXL but, frankly, both have a pretty distinct lack of content.

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I have both, and the Vita easily has more quality content. Only thing on 3DS at the moment is Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, and SMT4. Vita has P4, Muramasa, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Lumines etc...

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I was deciding between them and went with a 3ds xl. I love rpgs too, and there are plenty (including some great ds games that never came out on other systems.) I know what you mean about PS+, but I figure I can change my mind later. I do, however, own a PSP, so that doesn't calculate into my decision - there are really some great games for the PSP. I'm sure I'll eventually buy a vita, but for now I'm really happy with my 3ds

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I have both and mostly use the Vita. Make a chart with the games you want on either side and see which one wins out.

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I own both consoles and I prefer the Vita, while I use my 3ds in bursts of time, I have been playing the Vita consistently. Overall they're both great handhelds but I think the Vita has a superior library of games in comparison, plus those PSP games and PS1 classics you can play on the system.

If you decide to get the Vita, there are some games I would recommend you get: Persona 4: Golden, Sly Copper Thieves in Time (unless you own a PS3 in which case get that version), Muramasa Rebirth, Soul Sacrifice, Little Big Planet, and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom. Oh and get PS+ its $50 for a year but that comes with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, and some other great games, plus discounts for other games.

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They both have good selection of games, but Persona 4 Golden is still better than anything on the 3DS and UMvC3 is the best fighting game ever released on a portable device. (I own both an XL and Vita)

Build quality wise, the Vita knocks the 3DS XL (especially the non-XL 3DS, that thing is tacky as hell) out of the park. Same thing for visual fidelity.

and not forgetting PS+ is the best value proposition outside of Steam sales in gaming right now, if you're thinking of getting a PS4 then the Vita becomes even more attractive.

All that said, I'm glad I own both, they are both capable of top notch experiences. I kind of wish the Vita had a clamshell design like the 3DS at times.

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Thanks a lot on all of your input I Made a chart and the vita won by a small margin but at the same time I did not count the back log of psp games. The only thing I am conserned is if the vita will have a kick start due to its connection or integration to the ps4 or will it be forgotten as some said in late 2012 when the system was struggling. (In your opinion is it still struggling in the handheld market?) thank you!

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Apples to oranges, go through each genre you like, and check what each has. If you like more action oriented games or indies, vita, if you like RPGs or platformers I'd go 3DS. It's hard to tell someone which one to get because they're both great for different people.

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With all of that have the 3dsxl what are some games the you enjoy on the 3ds xl because I do like action games at some point and do not want to be stuck on the 3ds xl wondering why I only have Mario games or a stack load if RPGs