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Hey duders, iv become a bit of a Sony fanboy since E3 and am looking to pick up a playstation 3 to play some exclusives (mainly Last of Us). The issue is one has come up for 25 of the Queens English pounds but has had a YLOD and been professionally repaired.

My question is, will it still be okay for a good while? I know £25 is very cheap but don't want to have to buy another down the line!

Thanks in advance!

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If it has been repaired it should be okay for a while! is it a slim or an old fat ps3 ?

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It's a fat one as far as I know. Either way 25 is a steal right?

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Pounds? I thought the King made you guys use the metric system.

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That's a good deal, but I would be wary. If you do get it I would at minimum pop a new HDD into the system. I'm seeing package deal for a PS3 going for USD$229 with a game, so I would consider getting something new, its not that much more.

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Give it 10cm to the sides and the back for empty space for the sake of ventilation, keep it horizontal and not on something hot, ventilate the room, accept that it may YLOD again but hope for the best and go for it! Some repairs work out forever

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For 25 pounds, why the heck not. Get PS+ and take advantage of the cloud saves though, just in case.

Also keep that thing well ventilated. The original PS3 used to get pretty hot and gives off a ton of heat.

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What the hell, ima pick it up, if I keep it well ventilated I'm sure it will be fine for a good while!

Cheers for the input!

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Has to be worth a go at that price.

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i wouldn't risk it i got my fat ps3 fixed and within a week it was dead then i did the same thing and a week later dead btw once you turn to the sony thier no turning back may the force be with you.

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My original PS3 had the YLOD and it got sent back to sony to be fixed, a year later it YLOD again just so your aware. But for £25 thats a steal.

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@jackcc said:

What the hell, ima pick it up, if I keep it well ventilated I'm sure it will be fine for a good while!

Cheers for the input!

I repair Xbox 360s and PS3 Fats in a computer store and I will tell you now to avoid getting the repaired PS3. It will work but in less than half a year you will need to get it repaired again. Repairs don't last that long, just go pick up a new slim.

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£25 is a pretty good deal. If you get the chance, make sure it's working before any exchange of gold changes hands though.