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I'm debating on whether or not to buy a ps4 now that ps5 is being talked about. My question is, as some who has a gaming PC what games can only be played on PS4 like Spiderman or God of War? Someone must have put a list together by now, but I can't seem to find one. I tried googling for a list and all I could find where people talking about why you can't emulate ps4 games on PC.

I also missed a lot of ps2/ps3 console franchises so I'm a sucker for bundles of a series together that I can buy and get them all together like a jak and daxter or uncharted bundle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That PS4 Shadow of the Colossus remaster is worth playing if you haven't.

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I made a list a while ago but haven't updated it in a while and some of those have come out for PC so yah but 3/4 of the list is still intact

PS4 exclusives you should think about owning

. inFamous: Second Son
This game does a great job of showcasing all the PS4 gimmicks that were later completely abandoned by most developers. No one even remembers that the Dual Shock 4 has motion controls. A fun open world romp with pretty graphics and a framerate that some games coming out today could stand to emulate.
. Journey
Technically a PS3 title but now available on PS4 in full HD! Maybe even 4K by the time you're reading this!
. Bloodborne
A worthy successor to the Souls series, Bloodborne takes the classic formula into a nightmarish new direction. Although the game launched with some serious technical hangups, they have since been mostly smoothed out and the addition of DLC and a Game of the Year version make it a great bundle for would be "hunters" out for blood.
. Helldivers
Personally not my favorite game but it is a unique PS4 twin stick experience that definitely gets better with friends. The friendly fire is almost as unforgiving as the enemy horde so choose your compatriots wisely! (Also available on Steam)
. The Order: 1886
At the time of writing this game will be //probably// worth the asking price which should be no more than about $20 (USD!). Chase down werewolves in this steampunk alternate retelling of King Arthurs Order. Real pretty, real linear, real simple.. but sometimes thats exactly what you're looking for after a sprawling open ended RPG.
. Thumper
Strap in and let your brain melt away as Thumper beats against your senses in violent, rhythmic fashion. Stylish as all hell, overbearing and loud, this is a new age music rhythm game that can be experienced in VR or the old fashioned meatworld. (Also available on Steam)
. Knack
This is a joke, don't actually buy Knack.
. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
A summer blockbuster movie in game form with some heartfelt writing along the way, Uncharted 4 shines as one of the quintessential purchases for any PS4 newcomers and fans of the "Indiana Jones" genre.
. Rez Infinite
Back when the genre was booming Rez helped set the stage for music games to transcend simple note lines and be something more. Although at the time it's price point was a rather contentious topic, today it's great to re-live the memories in NEXT-GEN HD!
. Until Dawn
A surprise hit that no one saw coming, Until Dawn is Heavy Rain done right and a perfect game for a Halloween party. Control the fate of insufferable college kids out to have a good time in a cabin, in a dark scary forest, in the middle of nowhere.. what could go wrong! Who knows, by the time the credits roll you just might end up cheering for your favorites to make it through in one piece!
. Ratchet & Clank
A graphical showpiece for the PS4 as well as a throwback to oldschool 3D platforming. Jump around, collect junk and upgrade your arsenal as the Lombax hero you were destined to be.
. Horizon Zero Dawn
From the makers of Killzone.. no, no wait! Come back! An enormous surprise, breath of fresh air and a huge left turn for Guerrilla games, Horizon is not only a great showpiece for PS4 Pro owners that also have a fancy new HDR capable TV but also an interesting new IP in a sea of sequels. While you can clearly see at times that the studio is still learning the ins-and-outs of the open world genre, despite it's flaws it's an adventure worth experiencing.
. Nioh
Did you like Bloodborne? Well Nioh is a fascinating take on that style of game with slightly more historical roots. While it's not required to have any knowledge of feudal Japan, you will certainly get a lot more out of the story which is centered around the first ever western samurai and references famous historical figures such as the ever popular lord Nobunaga. With a robust combat system, loot and crafting, Nioh is a game that keeps on giving well beyond the initial run through the story.
. Yakuza 0
Technically a PS3 game, Yakuza 0 finally made it's way over to the West on the PS4. If you know the series then there is nothing to add. If not, this origin story is probably the best place to start with the most modernized mechanics to date, and a focus on the events that lead up to the original PS2 title from years back. If you end up enjoying "Zero" then there is a planned translation of the remaster for the first game that you'll be able to dive into.
. Persona 5
Super stylish, super charismatic and super Japanese. If you're looking for literally hundreds of hours of beautiful JRPG action then on PS4 it doesn't get any better than Persona 5. Despite the 5 you don't really need to have played the previous entries in this series to enjoy the story, and the game eases you into the rather complex mechanics at a leisurely pace. Part supernatural heist game, part teen high school simulator, Persona 5 is all fun.
. NieR:Automata
Did you play Nier? No? What is Nier? Well.. in Drakengard's E ending.. Ok listen, Nier is beyond definition and definitely beyond understanding, but it's an experience. The stylish brawling is just a bridge meant to ease you into the insane story at the heart of Automata. With several endings that require multiple playthroughs which unveil new gameplay mechanics and new story elements, this spiritual successor to Nier is probably what the original should have been, but as they say "all good things come to those who wait."
. God of War
A great narrative driven brawler and a return to form for Kratos, this God of War will take you on many journeys, but most of all it will show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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Have you tried googling "top ps4 exclusives"?

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Pretty much Humanity's list, except for Helldivers, Nioh, and Yakuza 0 because they're on PC. Though NieR: Automata is also on PC, you might be better off getting a console version if you don't want to fiddle with the FAR mod, though using the mod to lower the game's global illumination got it running well for me. Maybe hold off on Persona 5 until more details come out about Persona 5 R. And The Order: 1886 is just a bad game; you'd be better off with Killzone Shadow Fall in my opinion.

Oh, yeah, and, The Last of Us.

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Anything published by Sony, it's a long list just google it.

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Some quick googling got me this list on Wikipedia, not sure how complete it is but at a glance looks good. Wiki is my main go to for odd lists of things like this, since someone else has probably had the same question and made it there. But you might as well wait it out since you have waited this long and see if the PS5 has any backwards compatibility. Because i would honestly say think about getting a PS3 for dirt cheap over a PS4 unless you really want the PS4 exclusives, it had some nice collections and the games are probably cheaper then PS4 games now. But if they actually put backwards compatibility in the PS5 then you might luck out and be able to get the new system and the option of playing the old collections.

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@facelessvixen: Looking back on this list I'm actually surprised how many of those titles made it on PC. It used to be that once you were backed by Sony you never made it out of that eco-system. Journey seems like such a Playstation thing that it's weird to think it finally made it's way to PC. Of course I'm all for it, console exclusivity is pretty bad for gamers and probably bad for developers.

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@humanity: Oh, right. Journey via the Epic Game Store.

You'd think I'd remember that Epic has a storefront with the whole Metro Exodus debacle, but with me not having played the Metro games or me caring about Fortnite or battle royal due to multiplayer anxiety... But I digress.

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@humanity: Always great to see positive remarks about inFamous: Second Son as this game is in my opinion one of the best on the ps4 so far. Its graphics alone are still amazing even though it's an open world game.

Much respect for Sucker Punch and can't wait for Ghost of Tsushima 👍

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Frankly, A LOT of the games I’d call out made it to Xbox and/or PC (Nier, Yakuza series).

I wasn’t huge on Xbox One or PS4 exclusives this generation. I’d get the PS4 for God of War and more complete access to Yakuza games. Hopefully The Last of Us 2 is great (I didn’t really dig Uncharted 4 much).

The Yakuza series is fucking cool. God of War is probably only behind Witcher 3 and Overwatch on my games of the generation list...God of War is fucking dope.

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With all the rumblings about the PS5 being able to emulate every other Playstation console, I might hold off until specs for that are released. You could play all the games you missed and only fill up one spot on your entertainment center.

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@giant_gamer: Heck yah man I don't know why so many people are so down on it. I thought from the gameplay side it was a ton of fun and it was a great showpiece for the PS4. I kinda miss the launch days where they loaded a whole bunch of dumb gimmicks into the controller. Having to shake my pad when spraypainting was goofy but fun. Also boy that game looked great - all the powers were really great but the neon stuff was especially mesmerizing. As for the story, I kinda liked it actually. I was surprised how super dark the evil ending gets.

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@crusader8463: I play Yakuza on PS4 but you could go PC. Honestly god of war is the only one that's worthwhile, mwybe wait and see cause many are expecting ps5 back compatible

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Horizon was my personal GOTY for 2017 so I highly recommend that one!

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@humanity: i can't help myself but giggle uncontrollably whenever i find myself spray painting in the game XD

This and Folklore are the only times that i had fun with the six axis and i hope that i'm not forgetting any.

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I generally just wait until I can emulate console exclusives. Though, I understand if someone doesn't want to wait a possible 10+ years to play a game. The main series that interest me on the PlayStation side of things are Yakuza and Team Ico's games.

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Persona 5

The Last of Us

Infamous Second Son


Ratchet and Clank

Dragon Quest Builders

Hohokum is the most looked over game this gen imo. Please give it a shot.

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Bloodborne, Bloodborne and Bloodborne no really you should play Bloodborne!

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Red Dead Redemption 2.....

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If you're interested in sports, more specifically baseball, MLB: The Show is PS exclusive. Also NHL 19 doesn't appear to be available on PC.

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@adamstambaugh: But that's illegal unless you own the console and the games ;)

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@doofcake: Actually, it's illegal, even if you own the games and console. I've read through the DMCA and it's just flat out illegal to backup pretty much anything you don't technically own. When you buy a game, you're are buying a licensed copy that you're allowed to play. If you create a copy of that, that copy isn't licensed. Though, if it gets directly challenged, that law is grey enough that a precedent might get set against it.

I don't really care about that though, the DMCA is stupid. I'll buy the games and dump them myself for more of a moral thing. I believe if I'm going to enjoy a product, the people behind it should get paid. If I need the BIOS or firmware of the console I want to emulate (or need the console to dump the game) then I'll buy the console to dump it.