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Trying to decide which system to get, not an easy choice. I have a pc, and a Xone as my primary console thus far. So the real factor for me here is what gets the biggest bang for my buck. PS4 is the deeper catalog, but mario man, tough to walk away from that. I should add, I played through Zelda on the Wii U. But this is kind of a one shot deal for this year. What do you think, which library of exclusives matters more?

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That's a question you have to answer for yourself. For me it's the PS4 for sure 'cause it's already a proven system, especially with 3rd parties. It's hard to tell how other major developers will support the Switch yet 'cause there is no guarantee they will like the DS or 3DS. Everyone will get the indies so the portable factor goes to the Switch and 1st party exclusives will probably go to the Switch as well eventaully but the leading system always edges out in the 3rd party exclusives, however far between they are. The cost of developing a title for the Nintendo "handheld" is now probably closer to the cost of developing a game for a last gen system, which is still a hefty investment so I just don't see many exclusives from that front.

For now though, look at the PS4 exclusives. It's pretty stacked compared to the Switch and how long is it going to take Nintendo to get to that point and by then, the PS4 library will look even better.

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For this year I would recommend PS4 without reservation. Switch library is very small right now, especially if you had a Wii U. Mario looks like it's going to be spectacular but previews are unreliable. PS4 gets you access to a lot of great exclusives right now. And then when you jump on to Switch in a couple years it will have a bunch of great games. It's not like Mario is the kind of game that goes stale.

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Right now, PS4 by a long shot. I got a Switch on the 12th, and I got Zelda and my brother got Cave Story +. I put a lot of hours into Zelda and finished it two days ago. I really enjoyed it, but from the get-go, I realized the Switch right now is super bare, and I am hoping exclusives come soon because it's dismal right now. The PS4 already has a multitude of games to play in comparison to what Switch has, which is basically... well, nothing of note in my opinion. I guess if we're talking about this year, yeah Mario is coming. And I don't want to dismiss how good that game may be, and I'm excited about it, but again, a number of great games that can be played on the PS4 compared to one or the few games on the Switch as far as we know, is a good reason to get a PS4 sooner than a Switch. Maybe get a Switch when it gets more games, while you play the games that had already come out on the PS4 alongside new ones that come out. There are other games on the Switch coming this year that isn't Mario, but it's the one you mentioned, so it's the one I talked about. If you're interested in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that might make you want a Switch more. I would say the PS4 though.

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Nintendo will give you classics that you won't get from anywhere else this generation, but however shitty this may sound...it's still not a "main" system. Other than Nintendo exclusives pretty much every game you see announced at an event like E3 is coming to the pS4, meaning you will have access to most of what gaming has to offer this gen.

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Eh, for me, if I had a good enough PC, I'd go for Switch. Not only does Nintendo make experiences unlike anyone else IMO, but quite a lot of the big titles nowadays are more iterative than unique, and I could probably find a similar experience to most of the big PS4 exclusives in the PC's library if I looked hard enough.

That's just me though. It really depends on what appeals to you more.

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Not knowing your personal tastes the safer bet is PS4 now, wait a few years for the Switch's library to fill out.

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Switch has some stellar games, like Zelda and the new Mario. But it's very limited in terms of genres. Sony is in another level, they have variety and good games. So if I could only pick one side, PS4 is the one to be, but I think both are incredible and you can't go wrong with PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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ps4 but i don't have much nostalgia for first party nintendo stuff and that seems to be their entire thing for the most part. Zelda looks good but i've been thinking about buying the wiiU version and playing on my pc.

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This depends hugely on personal taste. I'm one of the rare outliers who says a great percentage of the PS4 library has very little appeal, while a great percentage of the Switch library already has huuuuuuge appeal. Some of the games you can get on Switch are the best you can play on any console. But then there is multimedia functionality to take into account, something Sony has a huge leg up on.

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Honestly, my Switch will be for some Nintendo exclusives...and probably not much more than that. If I was given the choice I would take a PS4, honestly. Such a good library of 3rd party games on top of all the exclusives they have it is a no-brainer in my opinion.

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I'm going to take the long view and say that if you already have a XONE, you don't really need a PS4. Their libraries are very similar, and if you cared that much about PS4 exclusives, you would have bought that instead. The Switch may not compare right now, but by the end of the year it's going to have some games that you can't play anywhere else. I would rather have an XONE and a Switch than two consoles with 95% identical libraries.

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@hippie_genocide: That's a good point. The reason I went with a XONE was to play Halo/Gears with my brothers, that was the deciding factor then. The libraries now are going to be very similar, especially taking PC into account. Indies generally hit PC/PS4, so I'm covered there, and the biggest games will hit something I own. So it's all about the system exclusives.

Mario is super near and dear to my heart, GF's stoked on it too. But, after that, there's like nothing on the horizon. Maybe Prime next year if we're lucky? I think I might go PS4 after all, let the Switch accumulate a bit. My tastes are a pretty broad net, I like to try a bit of everything.

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Get PS4 now, Switch later.

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@hippie_genocide: On the other hand, having a PC and an Xbox One just seems redundant with Microsoft's Play Anywhere initiative.

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Ps4 has some really good games out this year,maybe grab a switch later on with mario.

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PS4, because otherwise I would be implying the Switch matters to me.

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Sell the Xbox, get a PS4 and Switch. You've got yourself a stew going.

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PS4. I always loved exclusives on sony's platforms. Aside from all the western AAA games they also get a ton of awesome japanese games. The only game I'd be interested on the switch is BOTW so it's not worth it for me. I got a PS4 slim in february and I'm loving it. I primarily game on PS4 since I have an old PC that runs older games and indies, so PS4 is my main platform for third party stuff too.

My advice: Make a list of games that interest you on PS4 and switch, both out and upcoming and just go with whatever you like more. I also prefer big screen gaming and hate handhelds, even though switch is a hybrid. So if portability is important to you, take that into consideration as well.

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As much as I like the PS4, If you already have both a PC and Xbox One then getting a PS4 might be a tad bit redundant for the amount of exclusives that you'll likely wanna play. I had a similar experience with the Xbox One as I had already got the PS4 and a capable PC, I told myself that I would only get the exclusives and after a couple of years I had under 10 games for it and it didn't really get much playtime as a result and I eventually sold it.

The Switch is kinda a risk as it's still pretty new but with Nintendo you can guarantee that they'll churn out some solid games from their IPs as well as a few 3rd party offering that might manage to slip onto the console. If it were me I'd go with Nintendo but first I'd get a list of all the PS4 exclusives and see which ones you'd actually wanna play, if there is enough for you to get some serious playtime out of the system then it would be worth it.

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The PS4 has been killing it this year with it's exclusives (and console exclusives if that matters to you) and I have no doubt that the Switch will eventually get a lineup of exclusives (Zelda and Mario Kart don't count) that makes it worth the purchase. Right now though spending $400 for a new console and another $90 for an optimal controller makes it a tough buy right this moment. Also consider that Nintendo games often will not drop in price whereas I've been able to pick up a few 2017 PS4 exclusives at a discounted price.

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Switch. Had a PS4 for nearly a year now and massively regret getting it, haven't enjoyed a single exclusive from the last year that I couldn't have gotten on PC. Had a Switch for a month or two and must have put more time into it than I have on my PS4 already thanks to Zelda (and that's my second playthrough after the Wii U), ARMS, and now Splatoon 2. Rest of the year is looking great with that Mario XCOM thing, Odyssey, and Pokken Fucking Pokken! So glad that didn't die with the Wii U. What exclusives are coming to PS4 that I can't get on my PC? No idea. It's laughable. I need to sell mine. I'm totally not furious that I bought it or anything and hate myself for it at all.

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Depends on how bad you want to play Mario Odyssey.